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  1. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    I think the mindset should be a little different. You don't want a housewife, you want the mother of your children. It's not about what she will do for you, it's about what you will accomplish together.
  2. What to do in place of religious traditions

    The big holidays around here are still Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays. We're just not religious about them.
  3. Bootstraps Bullshit

    All of us are standing on the shoulders of those that came before us, who didn't know as much or communicate nearly as well as we can do today. The standard of living of the poor in the United States is better than most of even the richest Americans only a few decades ago. The average level of inflation-adjusted income is greater in even the poorest parts of the world, and the average has increased dramatically in only a few decades. Despite socialist policies that favor fearful compliance over consent, the freer thinkers and workers of the world have been the tide that floated billions of boats where only millions lived in squalor a couple centuries ago.
  4. Unfortunately it has a little bit less peaceful parenting than I'd like. From the section "Minimum Necessary Force"... I'm still reading.
  5. What to do in place of religious traditions

    Family dinner. Game night. Going to a show. There's plenty of traditions. One of ours is watching Christmas Vacation on Black Friday.
  6. Email operations@freedomainradio.com with your question and get on the show and talk about it.
  7. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    Or, all good men are hooked.
  8. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    Just a straightforward pun. "What Women Actually Want in a Man" -> their hooks.
  9. Stef's wager (free will)

    People are disconnected from consent like they are disconnected from the operational principles of sausage-making. I spent much of my life reminding them of this while trying to eke by.
  10. Stef's wager (free will)

    War is horrifying, but not incomprehensible. People make gods as placeholders for systems they do not understand and feel incapable of ever understanding. When they impose those placeholders on people who might be capable of understanding the underlying systems, they are wrong to indoctrinate them away from understanding or at least interest in understanding. Why would you assume that free will is my superordinate principle? My superordinate principle relates to consent: and the classification is between natural things which ignore my consent (null), and interactions with people that are either consented to (positive) or not consented to (negative). My point is, and I first learned of the idea from Searle, that we probably wouldn't even consider the mind/body problem a problem if we didn't have different words for mind and body.
  11. Stef's wager (free will)

    I dunno why there's a lot of controversy or interest in religion with respect to determinism. The mind/body problem is orthogonal. In fact it's purely caused by language imposed dualism. Everyone is born an atheist. What happens next depends on indoctrination.
  12. Stef's wager (free will)

    If "you" can make any difference in the universe by choosing to do so, then you aren't a determinist. I do not deny the physical world has an effect, even causal, in most things. I'm saying that "free will" as an operating principle and emergent property of sufficiently expressive brain matter will garner you better results than flowing down the river of atomic choices made on your behalf. https://m.medicalxpress.com/news/2017-12-brain-zap-saps-destructive-urges.html
  13. Rebuttal to claim made by Stefan in FDR3077

    This is why video has become the essay format of choice now.
  14. Stef's wager (free will)

    I call determinism rationalization because I think the operating principle is free will. Determinists can't help but they the way that they do. There's no loop, just a dead end.

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