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  1. Stef the Hypocrite

    You missed the discussion of the bombing in Syria over the chemical weapons claim? Plenty of other criticisms, too.
  2. Damping down emotions. How?

    What you are describing does not sound like dampening but rather ignoring them. People perceive me as dispassionate most of the time, but that's because I so greatly dislike emotional behavior in rational discussions. Comes from getting yelled at a lot as a kid. That doesn't mean I don't feel the same emotions as everyone else.
  3. Damping down emotions. How?

    You don't turn off feelings, you make use of what they are telling you to map your way through a situation. Mindfulness of your emotions is part of it. Self-knowledge as to the drivers of those feelings is the next (corresponding to your rediscovery of your values). Learning to understand and navigate the situation is the final part. I used fear as an easy example. Emotions are an unconscious reaction to a situation. It's better to use them than attempt to control them. People are not very good at controlling the unconscious... that's why it's called unconscious. Mindfulness and self-knowledge are used in arguments, art, personal interactions, and more.
  4. Damping down emotions. How?

    You cannot control how you feel but you should control how you behave. In your example, Gavin De Becker has a book called "The Gift of Fear" that helps you deal with that particular emotion. That fear usually manifests before abuse is an important warning. The basic idea is to channel that feeling (and the energy that an adrenal response will generate) into plans you have made in advance to deal with whatever has triggered your anxiety. Yes, it's important to work on your values, but it's also important to deal with your plans. Plans give us the ability to be rational in the face of an expected, or at least nearly expected, situation. The confidence to comes with having an appropriate response ready makes for a completely different situation.
  5. Stefan only comments on rational counters, and offers to move people with rational arguments against his philosophical works to the top of the call-in lists. A quick thoughtful question to operations@freedomainradio.com is all it takes. I'm more curious as to why you thought the video was important to bring up. What arguments were shown to be invalid?
  6. I don't buy it. I can't think of a single right that cannot be infringed. The whole point of the Constitution (and documents similar to it) is to codify that such infringements are forbidden and there are consequences for infringing them. The fact that what rights are codified in these various documents makes it clear that there is no universal understanding of what those protected rights should be. Your willingness to choose an internal state doesn't matter if they kill you if you don't choose correctly. How does that make the right to choose inviolable? They want you to obey and submit. I don't think the actors in your scenario care what you actually believe. My focus on on coercion, not persuasion. Those who rely on coercion do not respect rights.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. I admit that I was tempted to throw my hat in the ring a couple of times but didn't go through with it because I thought the call wouldn't be good "radio", so to speak.
  8. (With regards to the "dating younger is creepy" comment... I was always taught the universal rule is that no one of whatever of the myriad of genders should date someone younger than half their age plus seven.)
  9. I think the audiobook (from audible.com) is an upsell if not separately priced product.
  10. Agreed. I never claimed it was valid, only that the concept exists.
  11. Women rightly feel that a man that successfully challenges them (and others in their presence) is more likely to win them more resources and keep them safe. This does not extend to abuse.
  12. I'm summarizing what I felt was the essence of several discussions. When Stefan questions a caller, it's not because he doesn't have some idea of what the answer is, he's exploring how the caller thinks about the issue. One reason to do this is to gain common understanding of a topic. Another is to obtain clarity on what is being discussed. Sometimes the definition part of a discussion can lead to conclusions without actually having to argue. I think we have stepped beyond clarification and into some other discussion. Where are we going?
  13. Stefan doesn't respond to the forums, he would prefer that people work on their questions and send a note to operations@freedomainradio.com to get on the show and discuss them. That being said, you cannot point to something and say "that's a 'right'". All concepts don't exist except as ideas that can be communicated and evaluated. Rights, in general, are inherent and unalienable... you cannot separate them from people. They are actions people can take that others should not interfere with. Free speech means being able to say whatever you want without interference. Property rights means being able to own yourself and your output without it being taken from you, or destroyed. Rights only exist to the extent that others respect them. Because they are different from culture to culture, and state to state, they are therefore difficult to claim as universal. To the extent that they are universal, if not first principles, they rightly enter philosophical discussions.
  14. The Art of the Argument

    Most of the book is about evaluating and countering normative statements, without the vocabulary. I look forward to hearing how you feel when you finish your read!

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