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  1. shirgall


    They're already going after Ted T'so as a "rape apologist" but the theory is they are going after him for refusing to accept a Intel patch that would have substantially reduced entropy in the random number generator. I have to stay far away from this topic in public as I work in this space directly.
  2. Indeed, the topic of the use of Codes of Conduct to undermine organizations is a good topic to talk to Vox Day about, even, but for this specific one a historian like Eric S. Raymond would be even better.
  3. While the philosophical version is emergentism, emergence is quite prevalent empirically. Even the classic laws of physics emerge from the observed properties of quantum physics. You mentioned friction, but the property of converting mechanical energy from rubbing things together into kinetic energy, that is heat, is directly related to the underlying structure of the materials being rubbed together, making heat from friction an emergent property.
  4. No, they aren't special. There are emergent properties in all sorts of media.
  5. While I respect consciousness, I don't think it meets any common definition of God, nor does its existence justify any religion that I know of. Instead I attribute it to an emergent property of brain matter and its unique properties of interconnections, information retention, and feedback.
  6. Depends what you mean by God, since there are thousands of mutually exclusive religions. None of them are credible.
  7. Hard to call being skeptical of something that has no evidence a delusion, but since most people come to atheism not from rationality but rather from cultural Marxism, it's easy to tie it to the left.
  8. Indeed, not many people people know "The Truth About Five Eyes and Echelon".
  9. shirgall

    End of the internet?

    The current situation was created with massive funding to create a resilient communications network in case of nuclear war. Before Al Gore took the initiative in funding one of the generations of the Internet, that's what we were doing with ARPANet in the 80s, and that's why there was a single namespace for domain naming and a central authority for doling out Internet addresses. But what was funny was that there were many email systems gatewayed together and the need to create blacklists against certain hosts and routes we found to be abusive of the scarce resource of bandwidth. It was always an evolving situation where those with resources to invest primarily being government institutions that needed to share a lot of data or get access to remote computing resources, educational institutions, large commercial business interests, and enthusiasts. Even so, most of the time where bandwidth was plentiful we all implicitly agreed to be gracious in what we accepted and economic in what we sent. That allows us all to make pretty robust systems that gave us what we wanted far more often than giving us exposure to abuse.
  10. shirgall

    End of the internet?

    The Internet interprets censorship as packet loss and routes around it. Sometimes it costs a lot to build multiple routes, but that's how you make yourself resilient: creating choices.
  11. shirgall

    Question about collectivism

    Any system that can impose obligations without consent has an issue. How it deals with that issue is the interesting part.
  12. There are curated FDR groups on Facebook, Minds, and MeWe.
  13. shirgall

    Day for Freedom

    Well, Lauren joined via video, but we also have this odd tweet: https://twitter.com/Lauren_Southern/status/993096564427165697
  14. shirgall

    Day for Freedom

    I'm not sure what you are saying. MMD already said Stefan will not be attending.

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