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  1. I think he's pointing out that pointing out that getting to the conclusion white people are depressed is not exactly productive, nor does it call into question any argument that I remember.
  2. NCVS data only goes to 2015 so far: https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=dcdetail&iid=245 I am, indeed, interested in Ferguson, and Baltimore, and BLM effects on this data for the years afterward too.
  3. Indeed, I get crap for saying that Hillary would have been much worse, and that gridlock generally benefits everyone whether they like it or not.
  4. I didn't mean the "god of nature" and neither did Stefan, by my interpretation.
  5. He's not telling people to become Christians but to appreciate the teaching of values and the urge to take action.
  6. To answer your question, when was the last time you heard about a shootout over sales tax or the inclusion of SJW crap in High School Economics? What's is the case is that collectivists overreached and the backlash led to Trump, which was an opportunity for voluntarists. Ron Paul might have been an opportunity too, but he was unable to work against the GOP establishment.
  7. More local control is preferable to more collective control. Thus, nationalism is better than globallism and states' rights are better than federalism... until we finally get down to individuals. Since you can have either open borders or a welfare state but not both, you have to pick which one you can shut down most effectively. Who's making arguments from effect? Political action, if effective, is preferable to violent action. I don't even know what you are talking about with the last one. So... did you have an argument or just a kitchen sink?
  8. Looking for citations for all of Sam's unsupported assertions. He made a ton.
  9. I didn't find any source for that figure in Adios America, but she cites an interesting book which I have not read called "Who Are We?" by Samuel Huntington that describes the history of immigration. That might be a good jumping off point. https://www.amazon.com/Who-Are-We-Challenges-Americas/dp/0684870541
  10. Word salad is not nutritious.
  11. My point was that concepts exist only when brains exist to think about them.
  12. A photon is the smallest particle with a lifespan greater than a nanosecond that can impart information.
  13. These abstractions are only invented and processed by conscious minds via chemical and electrical processes. When the brains processing abstractions die, those abstractions cease to matter (pun intended). Color of a certain wavelength, and fruit of a particular genotype, exist, but applying a general description and label to such things is not timeless, it's ephemeral.
  14. The language of the universe is written in photons, as they are the tiniest amount of information transmitted from any place to another. I think constructions like Boss's post are poetic, but I would instead say Math being the language of the universe lends too much substance to an abstraction. One could say that the rules of math are solid and physical phenomena can be modeled with constructs that follow those rules, and that has led us to wonderful confirmed predictions in the past. In my experience, atheists don't ask the question in the original post. But since I don't hang with atheists that are collectivists, I'm not exactly dealing with the majority. The question I ear asked is "What evidence led you to believe what you believe?" and "What would convince you otherwise?"
  15. If you are listening through and are volunteering to offer tags, an email to operations@freedomainradio.com indicating podcast number and tag cloud would be helpful.