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  1. The Truth About The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
  2. Chuck Woolery! Yes, that Chuck Woolery! He has a podcast called Blunt Force Truth. www.bluntforcetruth.com https://www.youtube.com/user/SaveUsChuckWoolery https://twitter.com/chuckwoolery
  3. It's tough for a low quality thread to devolve, but definitely amusing to watch it try.
  4. You're on ignore. Bye.
  5. https://board.freedomainradio.com/topic/49674-i-dont-get-it/?do=findComment&comment=451610
  6. Kinda my point. I totally agree.
  7. ....doesn't collapse at free-fall speed into its own footprint.
  8. I already made you an offer. You declined. Go away.
  9. And now this thread is completely off topic. It's over. Start your own threads.
  10. apparently not with you involved.
  11. What was the context of my post?
  12. And yet none of what you said had anything to do with what I was talking about. Nice job.
  13. Your passive language in this situation shows me you do not claim ownership.... - Really? You married her. You didn't think that far ahead? - Part of the learning process is learning to stop making excuses. By holding yourself accountable for your actions, you'll gain the self-esteem required to hold others accountable and the respect from others required to influence their behaviors. - Your child learned how to not negotiate from you and your wife. It's not that she "just doesn't". - Avoid situations where you have to take something away? You mean avoid failing as a father? Unless there is a direct and immediate threat to her well being, what right do you have to take anything from her? Especially if you're the cause of the situation. - What does she not care about in this situation? Answer: You. Painful as hell to hear and uncomfortable for me to write. But you need to see this. You can't have the relationship you want with her unless you address the current state of your relationship now. - Unless your wife unexpectedly died or was whisked away by aliens, you are part of the choices that led to being a single parent. - You can always drop what you're doing. One of the greatest golfers in history, Phil Mickelson, just skipped out on one of the biggest championships of the year, which would mean he would lose out on achieving a "Grand Slam". Something only a handful of golfers have achieved in their careers. Why? To watch his daughter graduate. I think you can put down the burgers for a minute. Or tell your business call you'll call them back. - Do or do not. - More excuses. Listen, I'm being very upfront with you. I know this is jarring. I know quite a few people would object to my approach. They'd be wrong. If you want what you say you want, a close, meaningful, respectful, loving relationship with your daughter so that she will listen to you and negotiate with you, then stop with the bullshit. And taking Mike (MMD) up on his offer would be a great step. The waiting list is extremely long; looks like Mike is willing to bump you up to get you on sooner.
  14. what the ever-living f^#$ is this bull$@%^?
  15. I see. You have unresolved daddy issues. How boring. If you've been listening to the podcasts "for a few years now" and this is what you come up with, just stop. You're wasting your time. The "Dear White People" video he made was about the trailer, not the show itself. There was nothing incorrect about anything he said. If that's all you have....you just need to delete your account and move on with your life. This is pathetic. Off the top of my head I know Stefan has changed his mind on the following: 1. the cause of homosexuality - from being environmental to genetic (and likely now, epigenetic. See he's learned new information and incorporated them into his understanding of the world) 2. Libertarians - was very onboard with libertarians until realizing they do not apply their own basic principle (the NAP) universally (specifically to the treatment of children) 3. FDR Podcast 3708 - call-in show from May 31, 2017. The 7th and final caller challenges Stef on his definition of a god and the contradictory nature of omnipotence and omniscience. Stef agrees with the caller's argument 4. Stef has changed his mind on what should be the main focus for saving humanity from it's own destruction. It used to be peaceful parenting, but that has been superceded by the more immediate need of saving the West. Why? Because the ideas that can combat and reduce widespread violence have only arisen in the West. Without the West, there is no petri dish to grow peaceful parenting. The election of Hillary Clinton would have spelt doom for America. He's fighting tooth and nail. What the shit are you doing? 5. His view of Christianity has dramatically changed specifically over the past year or two from a position of downright intellectual hostility to a degree of respect. This respect comes out of the fact that, while Christianity did not birth the West, it sure as hell kept it alive for well over 1000 years. In parallel, Stef's view toward mainstream atheists has been negatively impacted due to their involvement with the destruction of the West. (See video below) 6. Climate change - by doing research into the "climate change consensus", Stef has become very skeptical of "man made climate change". (see video below) 7. Stefan used to be a socialist (before starting FDR, see video below) 8. There have been a plethora of shows about the effects of genetics and race on IQ. Stef has had his mind changed on equality for sure. No need to post a video because a simple YouTube search yields many results. and on and on and on blah blah blah blah. You know why I'm able to pull all these examples straight out of my ass? Because I'm engaged in actual philosophy. Philosophy is a methodology for understanding the world around us. If our understanding doesn't change/evolve with new, contradictory information, then the methodology is broken. Do I suck at the Holy Nipple of Saint Molyneux? Nope! What has become clear to me in the early years of the show is that he had some naivete about those around him. He's matured/grown up/moved on from all that and is better for it. He's far more decerning with people now, while respecting his own needs. I also think he has been and continues to be dead ass wrong on a lot of what normies would call "conspiracy theories". His listener conversations on these topics are some of the worst shows he's put out. Thankfully, these shows are rare. So my suggestion to you is to stop listening. Put down the podcasts and move on. This is clearly not your thing and you have proven yourself to be a trollish distraction from topics that actually matter. (something I do agree with, which Stef has taught me, is that self-immolation at the alter of dysfunction disguising itself as reason is a recipe for disaster. So, seriously, gtfo, or do much better.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------