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  1. Existing Alternatives

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Sleep training seems to be a controversial topic. Stefan did mention it a couple of times, but never in details. The episode mentioned above is probably as detailed as it ever got. There were a few threads here and on FB about it. Personally, I'm a strong co-sleeping proponent. To me, it is more effective, natural and more NAP -aligned.
  2. Existing Alternatives


    Have you seen Ron Paul's Curriculum? Sounds very liberty-minded. I'm very new to Homeschooling, so I can't comment on quality.
  3. Existing Alternatives

    FDR Lapel Pins

    A new batch is here! Get one for yourself, one for your significant other and another just in case!
  4. Existing Alternatives

    FDR Lapel Pins

    Show your love of philosophy and support for FDR with these beautiful lapel pins. Price in the US (in USD): $12 for the first one, $3 each after that (shipping and handling included) Price in Canada (in CAD): $9 for the first and $4 each after that Price elsewhere: message me. Payment methods: Bitcoin (preferred) or PayPal. Size: 10 mm or ½’ in diameter. Message me for more details and to place an order. Sizeable discounts for large orders
  5. Existing Alternatives

    Is this community anti-voting?

    “Community” can’t be pro- or anti- anything, it is merely a group of people brought together by some commonality. Most people’s individual opinions here will probably sway against voting. Voting is generally considered an endorsement of the state. I am curious, how do you envision “putting into practice the things you learned” by voting? And how is using that time instead to improve yourself and your immediate surroundings and relationship being passive?
  6. Existing Alternatives

    We want to move to Singapore/Australia/New Zealand and we need your SUPPORT!

    Best of luck! Having moved countries at about your age, I can attest it could be extremely difficult, especially at first. Having each other will help you quite a bit, but be prepared for sacrifices and potentially starting a bit lower in the social hierarchy than what someone with your credentials would expect. Personally, I stayed at a distance from my ethnic diaspora in my new country after the move. It may seem like a source of comfort at first, but it also may have a “crutch” effect. If I were to choose among your destinations, I would go with Australia. Singapore is a lot more economically advanced, but its population is primarily Chinese and biased towards Asian culture, which will create a disadvantage for you. It also has very high initial settlement costs. And it is always hot! New Zealand, while more freedom-oriented, is economically behind Australia, which may result in fewer opportunities. But either of those choices is fine.
  7. So timely... http://wnep.com/2015/10/27/susquehanna-university-drops-crusader-from-nickname/
  8. Existing Alternatives

    More than half of millennials have less than $1,000

    Millennials are by definition young and just starting out in their respective productive paths. As such, there is nothing wrong with them having low (and even negative) savings. At the same time, the spending habits of today’s youth simply blow my mind. A young guy in my office (who makes just a fairly basic coin) just bought himself a pair of $500 headphones for his phone, because… the last year model is way out of date. But this could be just me complaining about those young kids and their loud hippity-hop music…
  9. Existing Alternatives

    R vs. K in Canadian Election

    Yes, the absence of the labels is unfortunate. The data is per riding (electoral district), each bar represents a riding. The length of the bars is % of households that are married or common-law in that riding. The colour represents the party that carried that riding in this election: blue – Conservative, red – Liberal, orange – NDP. It is not very clear, what this election means. The new Liberal prime minister is young inexperienced son of a former prime minister, so he will do anything to prove that he can fill his dad’s shoes. Furthermore, they replaced a Conservative government, which, for better or worse, kept the economy in check. Liberals also gained a majority in parliament, which means they pretty much push any legislation right through. Also, he promised to legalize marijuana “right away.” So, there is that… Good idea. Will do.
  10. Existing Alternatives

    R vs. K in Canadian Election

    I know nobody cares about Canadian politics, but here is an interesting piece of statistics that resonated with me. According to CBC (Canadian government TV station), “The Conservatives appealed to ridings in which the proportion of married or common-law couples was highest. By comparison, the Liberals and the NDP largely dominated in ridings where the marriage rate hovered below 50 per cent.” In Canada, Conservative (blue) tends to be, well, conservative, Liberal (red) – liberal, and NDP (orange) – even further left-wing. So, to me, this appears to be a clear R vs. K battle (married people lean conservative and non - liberal), presented in a very beautiful chart.
  11. Existing Alternatives

    Appropriate punishment for theft

    I was listening to an old podcast about “how would we deal with … in the free society”, and then, this piece of news pops up (i.e. “we deal with theft so well now”)… http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/crown-suggests-four-year-prison-sentence-for-ex-quebec-vice-regal-thibault/article24567724/ Basically, this person pleaded guilty to defrauding government of $430K. But… she is a former Quebec lieutenant-governor (sort of like an appointed state governor). So, her punishment will likely be 12 mons of community service and have to repay $372K (no word on the $58K difference) with $272K coming from her foundation for disabled. Basically, they are going to force a bunch of handicapped people to pay for her theft. Figures.
  12. Existing Alternatives

    Interested in Stefan's thoughts on a question my wife asked last night

    Boom! I wish my arrival at anarchy was as simple and logical as that! But yes, anarchy, or, in this case, free market is the answer! If Takata created a product that is harmful to their own customers, it will be in Takata's best interest to recall the product. If not, customers that are having bad experience with their product will quickly switch to whomever their competition happens to be. The regulator's framework of the recall is unlikely to be best aligned for the company - customer relationship, and hence is resisted by Takata. Nobody likes being told what to do.
  13. Ultimately, Stefan does what Stefan does. I am sure he is hugely inefficient, but so are most humans. FDR tries to put out as much content as they can with limited resources and a skeleton crew. It seems to be relevant to a certain segment of population that directly keeps him in business. We already have one Tom Woods, why would we need another? On a personal note, I used to hate call-in shows and just skipped them as they queued up on my podcast player. But lately, I realised that I care less about Stefan’s opinion on California drought, but much more about some real guy’s real issues with his kids or parents and understand how he (or she) is resolving them and what I can learn from that to make my life and my relationship better and freer. And that is what is important to me. There is nothing wrong with providing constructive criticism. If you think that the “talking head against gray background” does not work (provided you know what you are talking about) let them know, I am sure they will take that under consideration.
  14. Existing Alternatives

    Truth about Singapore?

    I am still hoping for Ancapistan, or at least a "99% Solution." At the end of the day, I would rather play Youtopia in the US or Europe then in North Korea... Singapore does have a couple of natural advantages that they do seem to exploit to the fullest. It is situated on the busiest shipping route. It does have the highest concentration of Chinese population outside of China. It mixes well Chinese and English languages working well as the East-West link. They also focused heavily on the financial services, especially in contrast to their Islamic neighbours, becoming sort of a Switzerland of the East. And of course, there is plenty more heavy regulation there... Internet barely escaped being outlawed, but many sights are blocked, real estate and housing are dominated by the government, alcohol sales are restricted, online gambling is illegal, regular gambling is heavily regulated and is relatively new, pornography and nudity in general are illegal, not flushing toilet is also illegal (yes, police have the right to check), so is oral sex and homosexuality...
  15. Existing Alternatives

    Truth about Singapore?

    Ok, this bothered me for quite some time now. Singapore is considered by many a shining star of the economic freedom and some kind of a libertarian paradise. I did a bit of research on the country including a short fact-finding visit, and I am not impressed. Now all these news coming out about people being arrested for “disturbing harmony”: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32115052 But let’s ignore for a moment the fact that the country has been a family-run dictatorship for the last 50 years and focus on the economic freedoms. How easy it is for a poor immigrant to start a simple business? (Is there such a thing as a poor immigrant in Singapore? I don’t know.) Let’s say you want to open a small stand selling some chewing gum. Nope – fine and prison sentence. Become a cab driver? Well, in addition to the cost of the car you’d need to shell out for 20% of duty, 140%-180% of Additional Registration Fee (on the amount of over $20K in Open Market Value, which is determined by government, btw), $5K-20K in Emission surcharge, and don’t forget the Certificate of Entitlement, which can run as high as $100K. So, if you want to drive a $50K vehicle to serve customers, prepare to pay another $160K in taxes, and then some for licensing. What if you want to follow Ben Franklin’s footsteps and start a newspaper – don’t make me laugh, you’ll never pass the censure committee. If you get too depressed with all this, just don’t reach for the drugs – penalty for mere possession is… DEATH. Of course, if you are a billionaire social network founder or a multi-millionaire commodities investor – life is your oyster, but then, isn’t it everywhere? I think it's time for a Truth about Singapore episode...

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