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  1. andkon

    Peaceful Parenting Meetup Group

    The URL in your original post has a few extra spaces/characters. This is correct: http://www.meetup.com/Vancouver-Peaceful-Parenting-Meetup/
  2. Here's a short video explaining Friedman's private defense agency from his book Machinery of Freedom:
  3. andkon


    My *guess* is that it pinpoints the location of the "shooter" very easily.
  4. andkon

    Bernie Sanders "Democratic Socialist"

    Yet: large businesses started as small businesses and there's millions of small businesses in America despite companies that have revenues in the hundreds of billions Sometimes there's an advantage to being small and sometimes an advantage to being big (ie. economies of scale). Now it's gone so that's good :-)
  5. andkon

    Bernie Sanders "Democratic Socialist"

    Sure, if we assume Netscape is only browsers. Netscape could have raised revenue by expanding their services, even if they offered a free browser to match Microsoft's offer. Imagine if they made a good search engine on the Netscape homepage or any of the hundreds of ideas that other companies had around that time. They instead choose to stand still and not innovate.
  6. andkon

    Bernie Sanders "Democratic Socialist"

    Destroyed? They set arson fires? Customers could always buy Netscape. Customers did not buy Netscape, however. How is this "destruction"? One company apparently offered a better product, as judged by customers' preferences.
  7. andkon

    Studies on Race and IQ?

    1. Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has IQs that are quite low. Now, are they measuring the IQ of people who live then and there? If so, how do they factor out the environment (war, famine, lack of education, worse parents, etc)? Are there any scores of SSA children who moved into higher IQ areas, etc? 2. Some people are innately better at singing. Likewise, some people could be innately better at what IQ tests for (e.g., pattern recognition). The real question is: just as with singing ability, how much flexibility is there in improving IQ scores? Can innately untalented singers be made better, by how much? Analogously, what studies are there on trying to improve IQ scores through education?
  8. andkon

    donations pleas - what's the difference?

    If FDR was a medical podcast that 1) helped you personally to reduce your risk or eliminate a disease entirely and 2) offered to help more people do the same in the future, would you be a bad person if you didn't donate?
  9. andkon

    donations pleas - what's the difference?

    But Stef is not an irrational priest. Priests may exploit and tap into most people's innate charity and desire to be good. They say, "This is a good thing. Do the right thing." But is it a good thing? That's the fundamental question. So I don't think it's exploitation to say the same thing as a priest ("This is good thing. Do right thing.") when it is in fact a good thing. Stef previously used a story in which a dog runs off when it sees someone lift up a rake. (A rake was probably used to beat the dog and thus the dog has a negative association.) But is a rake an inherently bad thing? Well, no. It's a tool that can be used for good. It may be that requests to do the right thing is your rake. You were told to do the right thing before but it was for exploitative ends, so you associate ANY request to do the right thing with the inevitable con that follows.
  10. andkon

    Next door neighbor abuse

    If you have Microsoft Word, they have templates included: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Brochures-on-Microsoft-Word If you have a decent BW laser printer, you can print out a copy for a penny or two.
  11. andkon

    In Defense of Nonviolent Communication

    That could be it. I think it may be that NVC proper is a subset of all generic non-violent communications yet the generic group name also refers to a distinct member of that group. As a parallel, in the South, coke is used to refer to the whole class of soft drinks of which the specific product Coca-Cola (coke) is also a member. See generic trademark for more examples (like how Kleenex can refer to any tissues): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generic_trademark
  12. If the premise is that a group of people (a corporation) will cut corners and not care, why doesn't that apply to the group of people calling itself the government? At least corporations have an incentive and price system to care and make better decisions.
  13. As with many, he's confusing the means and the ends. We need security, we need someone to put out fires, and we need paved roads. But how they're funded, that's the question.
  14. Do you have another source? I get the following: An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.e335d417.1428897075.336db564

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