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  1. I'm reading lots of back and forth over the definition of what alt-right means.
  2. I'm not the one who made a claim that I can't back up. It would be easy for you to just list the questions, but you didn't. Instead you engaged in a chess game. Hence trying to pull the "not an argument" move. You either can or can't list these questions, and at this point I'm convinced you can't. Therefore I'll take your advice and move on.
  3. We don't need to go over anything. You made a claim that you can judge who is irrational in five minutes with a few questions. You haven't said what those questions are. At this point I'm just trying to figure out why not. Trying to deflect to "Watch Stef's show" isn't cutting it. There doesn't seem to be any good reason why you haven't provided me with a list. It's like me saying "I know five foods that will boost your metabolism" and someone responds "What are they?" and I respond back. "Go to the grocery store. That's where the foods are." Why respond back to a question asking for clarification of info with something that doesn't clarify anything? Are we just playing a chess game now? If so, I'm not interested in that. All I'm interested in is for you to directly answer my original question.
  4. How is that an answer to my question?
  5. That's not a lot of time. What questions would you ask in five minutes that would convince you that they were irrational?
  6. But how do you know they aren't rational until you argue with them? How do you conclude after one conversation that someone is irrational?
  7. I think the desire to want to be part of a tribe is something that no human can completely escape, which is why I think you have noticed that gay people act in a similar manner to each other. It probably doesn't help that there are so few gay people which creates a certain amount of ostracism which probably makes the pressure to conform to a standard within the gay community worse. This probably also plays into the instability you mentioned. It's difficult for anyone to be "stable" as a partner when they are seeking acceptance from a group of people.
  8. Well, what do we mean by positive thinking? Are we talking about positive thinking during a bad situation? As a way to cope?
  9. Lots of concepts there. "Illegal immigrants" don't exist in reality, because countries don't exist in reality. It's one concept dependent on another. "It's immoral to receive stolen money". In this case "money" is just what we call specific pieces of paper with specific patterns of ink. Who is determining that receiving specific paper with specific ink is a crime? The government, which also doesn't exist? It seems like this is more about fairness than morality.
  10. Yeah, I was also going to ask how you measure how much you take and how much you give.
  11. I don't see this as being too dissimilar from Obama. Hope! Change! Eh, turns out he's more of the same. They all make promises they don't keep, or say things they can't actually do, or say things they won't do that they end up doing. Is a promise being kept a sign of someone changing the game, or is it a sign of sophisticated and subtle manipulation? I think we all know what the answer to that question is, even if we don't want to admit it. These aren't saints we're dealing with.
  12. So I must be able to blow up my neighbors driveway cause he spanks his kids? Surely this can't be the most reasonable course of action.
  13. I remember debating with people during the election that Hillary was trying to start war with Russia and that Obama declaring a no fly zone would be an act of war. Now we have Trump shooting missiles at Syria....why? Cause of a chemical attack that happened inside the country? Anyone want to try and explain how this is okay?
  14. Sure, he needs money. That's doesn't seem to be the issue though. He could have had a job all that time he was living off of savings. So why didn't he? Cause he didn't want one? Why not? I know you can't answer that for him, but if someone has clearly moved out of their mom's house and refused to go back, I'm not sure suggesting that they go back into something that is stated as an undesired environment makes sense. The only reason it is being brought up is because the world runs on fiat pieces of ink on paper that are required to have to eat food and have a roof. I wouldn't be surprised to hear the OP say he finds working a mind numbing experience to be something that he doesn't really want to go back to doing.
  15. Why is getting a job so important that it should be his first priority? I'm not saying he could't benefit from having a paycheck, but clearly he has been living off of savings because he doesn't want a mindless job. So why should him getting a job be such a high priority?