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  1. Discontinue being rational when you've identified the other person refuses to be rational.
  2. Then there has never been such a thing as a scientist, because every generation of scientists have had their own biases that had to die with them before the next generation was able to move on. The scientific method is like an asymptote: a perfect ideal that you reach for but can never fully attain. Same with the NAP: there is no such thing as a perfectly free society. The non-aggression principle is like one of the cardinal directions, it isn't a place in and of itself, it's a concept that guides actions. Furthermore, talking about it is easier than applying it. Things get difficult where the rubber meets the road. I'm not saying you can get more NAP by violating it, but I am saying the direction to choose may not be so radiantly clear.
  3. The thing that keeps me thinking about the Syria strike, is that since 9/11, by the time we've heard about our Supreme Leader wanting to go in and blown up a country, it was already done. Libya was in the process of getting reduced to shambles by the time Obama announced his "kinetic military action". Trump did some minor damage on an airfield in Syria, warned the Russians ahead of time, then promptly turned his attention towards North Korea. After watching Stef's recent interview with Malice on North Korea, I'm really getting a full picture of why this place needs to be taken care of. Both for the millions starving there and for the safety of the region (South Korea and Japan). What plan Trump has of dealing with it has me on pins and needles. From that interview, it sounds like the only way out of this mess is to guarantee safety for the leadership of North Korea. I hope Trump has that on his mind.
  4. There is more scientific method in Isaac Newton's experiments from the 1600s than coming from the climate change scare groups. There is more scientific method coming from the climate change scare groups than the psychic palm reader down the street. The climate change scare groups have to use enough scientific method in order to fool you. Increased CO2 does have something to do with warming, but the conclusions that are drawn from it are drastic. The "life line" on your palm may have something to do with your personality, but I'll be fucked if the palm reader has done any rigorous research as to the connection.
  5. My favorite part of the whole "climate debate" is that water vapor acts for about 90% of the greenhouse affect. Second favorite is that the warming effects of CO2 are logarithmic. Third favorite is that all the models for like the last 13 years have been wildly wrong at predicting the future climate. Fourth favorite is religious reliance on said models. I did some computational chemistry my junior year at college, and we had a hard enough time predicting how 100 water molecules would act with each other under different parameters, let alone the weather on the entire goddamn planet. We were specifically told that the purpose of the models was to get an idea, which one could then go and do empirical tests on (for example, figuring out different surface areas of zeolites to see which would make the best catalyst). The models themselves meant nothing without further testing.
  6. There is more NAP in the US today than in the USSR under Stalin. And I'm happy as hell to be in the former rather than the latter.
  7. You can scroll up and read what I wrote just as easily as I can. In fact it would probably take less time then writing a large paragraph about the distraction of exams and your approach of a predetermined outcome.
  8. Who knows? Money is created by the state, so it's really impossible to predict what wages would look like when the state no longer controls it. It's a fun exercise to think about, but I think it can even be taken so far: would we even need taxis if there were no state?
  9. Couple of things in response: 1. Diet/Chemicals - Sounds like you're doing well with your diet. If you're already doing that, switching your soaps and shampoos probably won't do much. However, you will probably like it better. I've been using Grampa's Pine Tar Soap for awhile now and I love it. Supplementing may be an important step for you, then. Are you doing vitamin D every day? I take between 5000 and 10000 IUs every day. The FDA recommendations are a joke. Fermented cod liver oil, grassfed beef, grassfed butter (Kerrygold!!), selenium supplements, cold showers, and pastured eggs will really help with the testosterone boosting. The fermented cod liver oil in that recipe I found to be the secret ingredient. Useful resource: 2. Workouts: Make sure you're getting enough sleep to balance your workouts. 3. Martial Arts/Yoga: I have yet to find a way to accurately describe this in written form, but I want to emphasize that when I bring up martial arts, yoga, or anything similar, I'm NOT simply speaking of the movements themselves. In order to get the effects I'm referring to (body awareness), you must have a teacher help you identify them. And not all teachers are created equal. In fact, in a random selection, you will probably find a shitty teacher than not. You will know you're moving in the right direction when a teacher heavily focuses on mindset, emotional state, and intention, and when you start having powerful emotions reactions to the movements. I also want to emphasize my reason for bringing this up: I haven't got the slightest clue if this can help with your sexual attractions. I mention it because I wondered if you're awareness to differentiate between sexual attraction and romantic attraction would also allow you to identify the causal functions within your own body. When you get better at training in something that works on body awareness, I thought you might be able to identify physical causes and begin to adjust them yourself. 4. TRE: Start with a provider. Don't play around with it by yourself first. 5. Reich: A word of warning. Nothing but conspiracy and extreme tinfoilness surround the story of Wilhelm Reich and anyone who followed him afterward. He himself was paranoid, possibly for good reason, as his demise was a result of his arrest and death in prison. He was found guilty of practicing medicine across state lines without a license (which he didn't), and a judge ordered his books burned and his compound destroyed where he did his research. After reading his books, I was fascinated by his work. He was very scientific about recording his results and his experiments could be easily replicated from his descriptions. I began to search the internet for people who followed his work and continued his experiments--I found mostly bickering idiots, new age spiritualists, con artists, and die hards. The one man I found who seemed to have his act together, Jack Willis, died several years ago. He wrote a book on how to apply Reichian therapy to yourself. If you're interested and I can find it I can provide it for you. However, I want to warn you: if you go searching for a "proper" Reichian therapist, you probably aren't going to find one. Don't let that stop your search, just be wary. (Note: anyone talking about "orgonite" can be dismissed at hand.)
  10. I'm not any sort of expert at what I'm suggesting here, I just found it curious how you described a sexual attraction to men but a romantic attraction to women. The reason I asked about diet was mainly to know about hormones. What do you mean by clean and whole foods? Are you eating a lot of grains and fruits, or fats, vegetables, and high-quality meat (i.e. grassfed beef)? Again, I'm going out on a limb here, but if you're eating a lot of things with endocrine disruptors which mimic estrogen (like soy), while simultaneously foods that supply the body with what it needs to make testosterone, your hormones may be out of whack. Other examples of endocrine disruptors are sodium lauryl sulfate (very common in soaps and shampoos) and BPA (common in plastics and sales receipts). Regarding exercise, what kind are you doing? Have you heard of HIIT? I don't mean to patronize you if you already know this stuff, but there are ways to exercise than actually put more strain on your system then help. If you haven't looked into formulating a proper plan, I recommend checking it out. Divorce sucks, but I'm glad you're on the lower end of the spectrum on the ACE score. Again, I don't know what this might have to do with it, but dealing with the trauma you experienced as a child may help. I know everyone talks about therapy around here, but I want to recommend TRE - traumatic release exercises. I've been doing it now for nearly a year and it's incredible. I'll let the website do the explaining: List of providers all over the world here: Regarding sensations in your body, have you done any training that actively looks at those sensations and works with them? Soft style martial arts like Tai Chi or Systema, yoga, Wim Hof breathing method, Reichian therapy, bioenergetics, etc.? Many years ago I read some of the works of Wilhelm Reich (one of the students of Sigmund Freud) who was researching the affects of sex and the "flow of energy", for lack of a better term, through the body. Essentially, our bodies can get locked up in different places due to trauma (Reich called these "armor rings" and he identified seven of them), and there are exercises that can be done to free these things up. In one of his clinical examples, he had a man who came to him who believed he was a homosexual because of his lack of attraction to women, but after some sessions with Reich he very quickly began a sexual relationship with a woman. I couldn't help but remember that when I read your sexual vs. romantic attraction comment in your original post. If you found any of that interesting or useful, let me know and I can tell you more.
  11. I lived in Austria for two and a half years. Sad to see it finally succumb to the Ottomans. Have you made this available somewhere other than these forums? This looks like an article that needs to be blasted around as many media outlets as possible.
  12. That's twice now you've made a reply to me that didn't address anything that I wrote. Care to go for a third?
  13. How's your diet? What's your ACE score/how traumatic was your upbringing? How perceptive are you to sensations in your body?
  14. I'm assuming you meant "seem" here instead of "see", as the sentence makes sense with the former. You are not agreeing with me, because I never said that Hitler's actions seem exceptionally immoral. I said they were. Why would it matter if I'm the same me from moment to moment, and what does it have to do with morality? You literally changed the active verb of my point from one sentence to the next. I said "affect" and you said "inform". Who is misunderstanding whom?
  15. Nobody said anything when I posted "Mahayana solipsism", and this is case in point. Even if the idea of samsara is taken for granted, simply accepting it for what it is to in order to achieve nirvana is ridiculous. It's simply a mind game to allow a person to flip in and out of personal responsibility at will. If I don't want to act, I can always just claim "things are perfect the way they are because all moments are empty". Good and bad may require perspective to figure out, but it's not based on perspective. Hitler's beliefs did not have a causal connection to affect the morality of his actions. If his perspective did not allow him to see the immorality, then his perspective was massively damaged. You can't magic away moral agency with intention.