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  1. Without working to bring freedom to the rest of the world, going off and creating "voluntaryist" societies is just a form of escapism.
  2. It's a relative term. What is being conserved? Same with liberal. Liberal means "freeing" or having to do with freedom. What leftist nonsense is actually freeing?
  3. Can't understand the philosophic founding of America without knowing your Thomas Paine: Peace Revolution 086: Common Sense for the 21st Century I also recommend reading Carroll Quigley's The Evolution of Civilizations, particularly to opening parts on his chapter about Western Civ, where he goes into possible reasons that the West was different right from the beginning. The Evolution of Civilizations (Western Civ starts on Page 10)
  4. How many years before you can escape? Learn how to pretend to swallow pills. Start digesting media that will actually educate you on health issues, physical and mental. I recommend Bulletproof Radio and Beyond Wellness Radio. Learn how to hide things important to you while creating false trails to things unimportant. It sounds like there is nothing to stop your mother's anger and explosions, so learn to direct them. Start formulating an escape plan that you can put into place the instant you have legal ability to do so. Keep it secret. Look to remove as many dependencies from your mother as possible. When she tries to manipulate you back into dependency, and therefore control, don't let her do it regardless of what emotional twist she uses. Ask me if you need doing any of this. You mentioned that your mother has threatened to force feed you pills. First: do you believe she would actually do it? Second: Could you physically prevent her from doing it? Third: Does she have the ability to get someone stronger than her and you to force you to take them? What would happen if you just flushed all the pills down the toilet, or otherwise destroyed them, and repeated it every time they were refilled? Obviously the reaction would be massive, but would the actual damage be worse than what you're experiencing now, or something you couldn't handle? The reason I ask is bullies can threaten a lot, but when they see it's too much work to actually follow through, they'll drop it and find something easier to pick on. Obviously this situation is different between she has legal control over you, but it may be worth considering.
  5. When I went to college it because I literally had no idea what else I was supposed to do. I was just on a conveyor belt to nowhere. After graduating, traveling, and running my own businesses, I really began to understand what was robbed from me through the educational system. Even if a person is employee material and prefers it, having been exposed to how business works, it makes you a MUCH more valuable employee, because you understand what your employer needs to help run their business. After doing my own businesses, when I've had to get a job, passing the interview and getting the job is a joke. I'm usually hired on the spot--I know how to show an employer I understand what they need and I have the means to provide it. Furthermore, especially on these boards, I get the feeling that people think that starting your own business involves doing something innovative and a huge amount of resources to get started and to become successful. All that needs to be done is find something mundane, washing windows or pressure washing driveways or picking up people's junk or detailing cars or whatever, and be solid about it. Especially for washing windows, you can be in business for like $200 worth of materials. When I look back at how I could have spent college, or even my teenage years, simply finding something simple to do (again, washing windows for example) to make money on my own, I could have been wildly more self-sufficient and wealthy with the knowledge and experience I would have picked up from it. Again, all I was told was: "Go to school and get good grades." Once upon a time, going to college could actually get you a job to shoot you into the middle class. Now it literally makes you more stupid, less employable, and can often be dangerous depending on your race, sex, and political views. I don't know what else to recommend other than start figuring out how to take care of things for yourself, which involves starting and running a business.
  6. I already made it. I posted it on another thread. Here's the link:
  7. British Colombia and Washington State are experiencing record wildfires right now. Living in one of the wettest regions of the world, I can't see the nearby mountain lines due to smoke. When are we going to demand more action against mother nature because of climate change?
  8. Yea, has this been started, yet? Seems ripe for the picking.
  9. In that case you might have plenty of time. Ask for the financial aid form. Generally if you're under double the poverty line, they'll comp the whole thing.
  10. Small piece of advice that may be too late: ask for financial aid from the hospital. If you're under a certain income they'll waive all or part of the medical bill.
  11. Spend less time on computer and message boards.
  12. I have no idea why you would need to do that. I certainly didn't suggest you do. Again, go out into the business world and tell people that "contracts are a lack of trust" and see how many people trust you to do business with. If both parties can leave without consequence then nothing would ever get done. I'm not sure how many times I have to say this, but I'll say it again: yes the current way the marriage system is set up is completely unfair, absolutely one-sided to favor women, and generally allows them to gold-dig men with very little effort. It's horrible and needs to stop. However, despite this, what I'm saying is: good luck finding a good woman who will stay with you without getting married. Regardless of what a mess the marriage system is, a smart women is just going to see lack of marriage as a lack of real commitment, mostly because there would be nothing keeping the man around. Remember, biologically it's more important for the woman to be able to make the man stay in the relationship than the other way around. Of course you don't, and I would never suggest you would.
  13. My point, as I mentioned before, is that a woman worth marrying won't take you seriously. Again I'll make a business analogy to emphasize the point. If someone ever says, "You can trust me to pay you, we don't need a contract", run away. If a woman worth marrying hears, "You can trust me to stay with you, we don't need to get married", she'll probably be smart enough to run away.
  14. I'm saying they're one in the same.
  15. At this point, going to university can literally make you dumber, put you in debt (practically) forever, and limit your ability to be self-sufficient, financially (I need a job from someone else) and psychologically ("I don't know how to do anything else."). Becoming dumber = less knowledge = less freedom (need knowledge to have more choices available). Increasing debt = less freedom (need to do this thing and not that thing in order to pay off my debt. Less choice) Not self-sufficient = less freedom (always dependent on someone else to pay your bills, unable to figure out a different way to do it) Becoming an entrepreneur makes you more knowledgeable, gives you the opportunity to be in charge of your income, and provides the opportunity to be self-sufficient, financially and psychologically ("Whatever happens, I can figure it out!") More knowledge = more freedom (because more choice available) Control over debt/income = more freedom ("I can leverage debt to make money!") Self-sufficiency = more freedom (develop systems to create passive income, creating more income simply becomes a problem to solve) As an entrepreneur, you are more difficult to manage. You can gauge yourself more appropriately against economic and political turmoil. You're not just a leaf in the wind.