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  1. Hey I've heard this stat quoted a few times on the show and I am looking for a source on it for some writing I haven't been able to find one. Can anyone help me out? Thank you so much.
  2. Trump called Alex Jones to thank him -- why not Stefan?

    People have heard of Stefan all over the place now! When I got into the show about 8 or 9 years ago the chance of meeting someone IRL who'd heard of him were slim to none Now even mainstream intellectuals are finding him increasingly difficult to ignore
  3. The Myth of Good Christians

    No, I don't mind, because I don't prefer divisive approaches at the best of times. I think you have to find equal footing with people to change their minds in the first place most of the time. So I actually think it's often a good thing. I am not against Christians or people with any faith or any people without faith, I can even find common cause with the left on foreign policy and civil liberties and I find if I have a starting point of talking about how government makes things worse for the poor and free markets make things better for the poor I can begin to shift their position to something closer to mine. However, I can't really get around Stef's original arguments about indoctrinating children though.
  4. Drowning Child Example

    I would love to see stef do a video on his response to Singer's drowning child example
  5. For anyone who is interested in more from Dr. Sanandaji here is a recent one
  6. The Myth of Good Christians

    A week or two this video came up as suggested on youtube somehow! I'm just wondering to what extent Stefan's views have changed, if at all, on this issue
  7. Converting a Fascist to AnCap

    OP has disappeared
  8. The Hope of Affordable Housing

    thanks for the feedback guys glad you got something out of the article
  9. The Hope of Affordable Housing

    I think you might enjoy this article, it explains very well how government is responsible for this massive increase in costs of living http://scottishlibertarians.com/the-hope-of-affordable-housing/
  10. Teach your Children the Principles of Liberty

    I have heard of this series as well it sounds fantastic
  11. Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland

    hey sorry I never saw this till now! Also in Scotland if you want to add me on facebook my name is Antony Sammeroff I can introduce you to other Scottish Freedomainers.
  12. Here's a detailed article I wrote on this topic in which I tried to include every argument I could collect on why mechanisation does not cause unemployment: http://scottishlibertarians.com/why-mechanisation-does-not-cause-unemployment/
  13. Basic Income Guarantee (BIG)

    I think this article does a good job of pointing out exactly what BIG advocates are missing: http://scottishlibertarians.com/basicincome/

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