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  1. crops

    Pensions and the economic future

    Im going to boil down my questions and concerns, What do people expect 'the crash' will look like , just how bad is it going to be? People and commentators in these circles are certain its coming , its just a matter of when. 'That which mathmatically cant continue , wont continue' . Stefan talked about preparing to 'harden our hearts' because theres going to be alot of people that need resources that might come knocking at your door. Are we expecting to be queing up for £100,000 loaf of bread scenario or something like the crash of 2008 (which i as an 18 year old wouldnt have even noticed if it weren't for the news talking about it).
  2. crops

    Pensions and the economic future

    what do you mean another passport, dual citizenship. I like the feeling of being minimal and flexible , im pessermistic about the future , economically and socially. I want a plan b exit strategy.
  3. crops

    Pensions and the economic future

    I have some small cryptos and ICO investments allready that ill leave in the hope one day they will rocket to the moon , i understand abit about inflation , fiat currency etc. Its more of what to expect in the future 'crash' that people in these circles often speak off , ill boil down and simplify my concern in a seperate response. As i said , i consider the people that surround me to be the normies , i wouldnt value their advice with regards to the economic future. Maybe when/if i have enough money i can make bigger plans. Do you physically hold your metals or have them stored in a far far away vault? I dont have alot of money to stress about , just want to start funneling bits in the right directions where it can atleast hopefully retain its value.
  4. crops

    Pensions and the economic future

    I'd feel more secure with some land and heavy prepping than i would with a promise of a pension in 40 years. what i took from your post is cryptos and metals.
  5. crops

    Pensions and the economic future

    hello Barn. very little , i tried a google search on the pension schemes and first thing i saw was a guy off of dragons den (tv program) , talking about how great the schemes are , a spokesman for the normies. This is my query efforts.
  6. I've quit my workplace pension scheme, im not sure if its the wise thing to do and the opinions of normys dont mean alot to me. Im 30 years old and in the uk , i think its a recent thing when your taken on with a new company your automatically enrolled in a pension scheme where the company contributes a certain fraction of what you contribute , half or something liie that. The money cant be accessed until retirement. Im pessimistic about the economic future of my country , i have no idea what the coming collapse / downturn will look like or what that money will likely be worth in 40 years time , or wether my islamic overlords will allow me to have it. My idea is cancel that save some in cash and invest in gold and cryptos instead . I remember Cernovich saying once your an idiot if your not saving atleast 10% of each paypacket. what are you lot doing? am i stupid?
  7. crops

    peace be upon him

    Catering for future demographics
  8. crops

    nerves around women

    sorry if its rude that i dont reply for ages. I just feel like i dont have alot to say until the situation develops , the situation has concluded , shes leaving and going back to America. Failure to act , opportunity missed , hopfully lesson learned.
  9. crops

    nerves around women

    Dont you think her liking Ayn rand is a positive indicator ?
  10. crops

    nerves around women

    Since writing this post ive not had any opportunitys to approach until yesterday , we exchanged a few words until we were interupted. But the intensity of the anxiety wasnt there , I felt relativly calm and like i could have held a lengthy conversation , like im at normal person level of anxiety . Ive read 'love ,sex and your heart' by alexander lowen and have been doing bio-energetic exercises , maybe theres something too it , releasing old traumas and supressed emotions trapped in the body. Good book either way , i reccomend to anyone with similar issues. Theres no professional risk or company policey im aware of , shes holds a higher position than me so if anyones risking its her . That could bring up othjer issues but perhaps thats a another topic for another thread. Ive allready been doing the potassium thing but in the form of avocados , and exercise every other day , id definitely be in much worse place if it wasnt for healthy living. I think my framing and focus of the situation on negative consequences to positive benifits is beggining to transition , also another re-framing that helps is not thinking of my self as a inadequate beta male but a emotionally damaged and defensive person. Next step , create rapour , then i can think about asking her out.
  11. crops

    nerves around women

    i think its true that its flattering to be nervous around a female , too begin with , other girls have told me that. But then id imagine there comes a time when it just sexually repulsive if not dealt with and overcome . did you piss your self? ha Good point on the ambivalence , but i dont think my ambivalence is related to her as a person but other issues about relationships and opening up , im certain that i find her attractive and that i want to know more , which is the unusual part for me. I dont expect to get rid of my anxiety , just bring it to a managable level so i can hold a conversation with her and find out more , and see how i feel around her. She is attractive but not the most attractive girl around , theres other single girls that id say are more so that i easily get along with , but they dont like Atlas shrugged and have neck tatoos. Thats a good thing thats been revealed to me from this , is that i must have some healthy aspects to my value system if this girl is having this impact on me where as other more typically attractive looking girls dont. Alexander Lowen , , i think this is helping my understanding of my situation and explains quite abit. Thanks for the suggestion its the start of the working week , lets see what opportunitys present them selves
  12. crops

    nerves around women

    I do think theres some deep rooted issues of this nature involved. Can you remember what book specifically deals with this topic , 'love,sex and your heart'? 'Fear of life'? both sound good thanks. Its only because she likes Ayn Rand that i like her , and have projected this NAWALT persona on her with out even really knowing her. Maybe shes a terrible person , whats the likely hood off someone having an unnactractive personality AND liking Ayn Rand
  13. I say nerves but that seems like too light a word , and i say women but its just one woman. Theres a girl at work , after a bit of casual facebook stalking i found out she likes ayn rand , and since then ive been extremely attracted to her. Ive managed to exchange a few words , found out she voted for hillary , (shes an american in england) , still very attracted to her and want to know more despite that. Then had a big conversation at the christmas party . But since then havent managed any conversation , the chances i get to talk to her are rare and random , passing in the hallways . And when opportunitys arise i get a huge adrenalin dump and know it would be a disater to even try. One time i had to talk to another girl that was in her office , so i went in , started out ok then deteriorated bad , i could hardly talk or string a sentence together and felt like i was going to pass out! Hoping it didnt seem so bad from the outside , occasions afterwards the girl still smiled and said hello to me so i think theres still hope. Shes witnessed me acting natural around other attractive women so think there was some redemption from that and shows her im not a complete beta. Ive never persued a female and proactively tried to make things happen like this , the few times in the past with woman ive always been more passive and just went along with situations , and alcohol was usually involved. And ive never felt this kind of clear and certain attraction , ive always been conflicted and ambivalent about women , not really feeling any real attraction to their characters. The window of oportunity is closing. A few more times of clearly not taking action when presented with an oportunity and that window will slam shut on this attractive girl that likes ayn rand. whos got the secrets? How do i disarm that over whelming fight or flight response? ive tried journaling it out , reducing caffeine , reading books on body language , conversing with other girls. How do i get my anxiety under control or atleast too the level where i wont come across as a stroke victim?
  14. crops

    Free the Nipple non sense

    i cant concieve of ever becoming desensitized too boobs , to the point i regard them the same as an elbow. Appropriate the burqa!
  15. . Some of the fathers went to the houses were their daughters were being abused , only to be arrested by the police. Police caught 5 men with one 12 year old girl , and arrested the girl for being drunk underage and deemed the acts consentual. If you point any of this out expect a barrage of white guilt beatin with the racist stick. 'if anyone on my friends list supports UKIP , do me a favour and delete yourself' , people love to publicly pat them selves on the back for definitly not being racist.

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