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About Me

My name is Kevin. I am the current reputation points leader, which makes me the best forum member, objectively. I also created the initial version of the FDRPodcasts site. I'm an editor and writer for Self Knowledge Daily. I can do 4 handstand pushups (if I'm leaned against a wall). I can play minesweeper like a fucking boss. I'm also a coder by day.


I write amazing articles:


Podcasts FDR Community Should Be Familiar With:

FDR2832 Emotional Dumping: Dangers of Taking Empathy Hostages

FDR537 Board Etiquette

FDR752 Board Attacks Part 2: Mythology

- FDR757 Board Attacks Part 3: Principles

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- FDR760 Board Attacks Part 5: Anger Puppets

- FDR920 What's Next

- FDR947 The Next Thing (Part 1)

- FDR948 The Next Thing (Part 2)

- FDR956 The Next Thing: Part 3 - Freeing Others

- FDR1130 How to Beat FDR...


Add me on Facebook. I'm a cool guy.