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  1. While I don't agree with his reasoning toward minimal and least amount of force when it comes to spanking (he eqauted it to a dog bite vs a tiny nip when a dog playfully defends its terrirtory and accidentally causes more harm than intended)--I think he made a good case for how a lot of non-violent actions taken upon children and humans in general can trigger the same pain in the brain anyway. After all the peaceful parenting stuff I've listened to from Stefan, John Bradshaw, and Dayna Martin to name a few, I still find it impossible and irreedemable to hit my children or the other children in my family. Even if me giving the cold shoulder to a misbehaving child causes stress in their brain, I think that's all I can muster sacrificing on the side of my conscience. I do hope one day Jordan Peterson does check out the studies on spanking that nearly prove how detrimental it is. (Has it been fully proven or is the evidence seemingly solid enough that it might as well be objective fact by now?).
  2. Yeah it's a shame that not only does Jordan Peterson support spanking--even if it is with the least amount of force/last resort--and that he is very dodgy about his religion. But these are minor flaws that get well over shadowed by all the other value he has to bring to self-knowledge, egaltarianism, and overall political commentary. I've only skimmed through the titles of each Rule of Life and I am goddamn excited to have the rest of them elaborated more on (the child discipline one I only read the last few pages to see what his thoughts were on spanking). How far into it are you and what value have you gleaned from it so far?
  3. Advice For Hyper Intellectuals

    I've been interested in Jordan Peterson's work lately and this video has struck me. Taking the red pill seems to give people, myself included, a sense of transformation ego. While I think it's important to respect your intellectual capabilities, it's even more important to respect the intellectual incapabilities of others. We talk about some really out there abstract ideas that are still foreign to the common populace, but that in no way makes us superior to them. Rest assured if you find your tribe you're good.
  4. Take Cover! Truth Bomb Coming Your Way.

    Hm, I didn't know the concept of personal responsibility and learning how to manage your reactions to things out of your control was sentimental. I don't follow Alexi Panos' stuff anymore, but the idea put forth in this video has been helpful ever since. lol I don't get why it's so difficult for some people in this thread to accept that. Instead the attention is towards the fact that she's a semi attractive woman in short clothing in what appears to be a hot location *gasp* must be an attention whore. We either cause or allow the bad things that happen to us, and we're responsible for how we decide to handle life's random unpleasantries. Not a difficult concept to understand, especially in a self knowledge forum, so I'm surprised by the push back this video continues to cause, especially considering I posted it such a long time ago.
  5. What Women Actually Want in a Man

    The argument was that women need men who give a shit. Men who can put an effort into something as it is a sign of someone who can acquire and provide resources to a woman. They also want men who have values and moral integrity. If that's what you think the definition of a mangina is, then I'll gladly call myself a fellow mangina.
  6. If you haven't heard of Owen Benjamin, succintly put, he's an up and coming philosophical comedian. He also thankfully makes vlogs to delve deeper into what he thinks about so they're just not limited to needing punch lines!
  7. Women's March

    I'm sure they'd feel the same trying to argue for their side with yourself refusing to accept their points. Valid or not. With these friends of yours, have you taken the time to understand why they support the Women's March? The practical or emotional reasons why they're going?
  8. New Years Resolutions

  9. Instagram is Ruining Your Life

    Prevent? More like replace lol. It's a plot to steal your soul. Every time you look into the eyes of a kitty, they are draining your life force and harvesting it to turn your brain into mush that only responds to cuteness and nothing else.
  10. Take Cover! Truth Bomb Coming Your Way.

    This seems like a tautology itself. This sounds like it could be seemingly undeniable too, but I'm not sure if it's true. Can you elaborate? If someone has the claim to have certain knowledge and they use it for themselves, and they indeed grow and function better in the world, is that really stagnation in personal development? Let's take something as wild as believing in the idea that the universe intends on certain things to happen to you. For better or worse, when something happens, someone believes that the universe is causing these things to teach that person a lesson. Seems irrational because the universe isn't an omniscient being who cares about your well being and has plans for you and signs for you to adhere to--but imagine you have this belief. Would it really be a stagnation in personal development if every time you fail, you take it as the universe trying to tell you something about where you are as a person? Didn't get that job you applied for? This must mean the universe wants you to go for another one or try again. Didn't get that second date with that girl you were super into? The universe must have someone better in mind for you. Couldn't succeed with that business you started? Guess the universe is telling you that this wasn't the business you were meant to run. And in the end, taking these shortcomings in this way and then redirecting your course, I think, would still count as personal development even if you would be claiming to have knowledge of what you don't really know. IE claiming to know the secret to life, as if it applies to everyone else and works just the same, when really it's just the lens you see it through.
  11. I would thumb this up a million times if I had the privilege still.
  12. How to Maintain Friendships With Statists

    I know this thread was many months ago back in the summer, but I just want to reiterate how effective it was to use that salesman approach I described before. I was at a party maybe a month or two after making that post, and I put it into practice. Needless to say, I got about 10 people to listen to me make my side of the argument, with about 5-7 of them changing their minds on government and/or parenting. The parenting one I think was even more important because there were a lot of young couples there, some of which were on the verge of getting married soon and starting families. Everyone started off with the initial need for force in both cases, so I took the time to see if they had a moral stance on it, an emotional one, or a practical one, and then proceeded to make my arguments toward that vein. Can I get a what what?!
  13. Here's an amazing article I read this morning about Researchers Revealing 4 Rituals to Ensure Happiness. In a nutshell: Ask What You Can Be Grateful For Put a Name to Your Negative Feelings Make Your Choices and Take Action Touch People (But Not In No No Areas...unless they want you to) Summed up and from my own musings: Being grateful for things, even if you don't have much at the moment, is important for retraining your brain to think positively. Plus, Socrates did say that "he who cannot be contented with what he has will not be contented with what he would like to have." Thinking what you don't have is going to make you happy while completely neglecting what you have right here, and right now, sets you up for having an unsatiable black hole that just sucks everything up. Be thankful, and even if you can't find anything specific, the searching is more important than the stating. Once you name your emotions and put some reason and evidence behind why you feel a certain way, the less you identify with it. This is why journaling and therapy help a lot. Expressing what's locked in your heart sets it free, thus setting you free. You are no longer that feeling. You're no longer sad. You have sadness in you, but it doesn't define who you are. Defining your feelings also activates you prefrontal cortext and shuts down your limbic system so that your brain can start functioning from a higher level. Sometimes anxiety is built around a myriad of choices we need to make in our lives. Can't stop weighing those pros and cons? Make a choice and take action, and even if it doesn't turn out in your favour, you're at least one bad choice away from the right one. Ever heard of paralysis by analysis? That's what you suffer from being in a constant state of ambivalence. Once you make a choice, you train your brain to search and create for solutions to your problems instead of just dreading either outcome. We are social beings and physical contact reminds our genes and DNA that we are not alone. Hugs are also known to release euphoric endorphins in our brains because it's one of the truest ways to literally feel acknowledged. But you don't have to go so far as to hug or make love to someone, a simple rub on the back or arm, it's just good to validate you exist from knowing you can feel others. (I tried my best not to be pervy with this one. How did I do?!)

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