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  1. Is anyone here a member @ Kompoz.com? In case you are, and you need a bass guitar track, my username there in PhamNuwen. Feel free to invite me to your collab. If you're a "bedroom producer", and not yet a member, I encourage you to check Kompoz.com out. Basic memberships are free.
  2. Mr. Binary

    Hello from Italy!

    Hi Jinr0h, Welcome to the boards. I also live in the Veneto region, but a little bit further west, near lake Garda (although I'm out of the country at the moment). We should start a northern Italian FDR meetup group.
  3. Mr. Binary

    Meetups in Bratislava - Slovakia

    I enjoyed the meetup a lot, and so did my wife. Will there be another one in June? Turns out I'll be in Bratislava for another two weeks.
  4. Mr. Binary

    Meetups in Bratislava - Slovakia

    As it so happens, I will be in Bratislava that week (visiting family). I joined on FB.
  5. I'm very good at programming, been doing it since I was 8. Solutions to complex problems come to me easily, and I can write a significantly larger amount of code in the same time as other programmers in our company. In the past, when I was working at a startup I partially owned, I exploited this ability to give us a competitive edge. At the moment, I'm working for a huge company, and I'm using my abilities to manage my work/life balance instead, working fewer hours to achieve the productivity that's expected of me. People usually react to what I can do with disinterest, and with not having a clue about it. There are people who are way better at programming than I am, especially certain aspects of it. Computer science is a wide field, and let's say optimizing vector assembly code or GPGPU kernels is a different skill than designing a new algorithm from scratch to solve a particular problem. I'm good at the latter, not so much the former.
  6. Mr. Binary

    Translation into Czech language is done and ready!

    Žijem v Taliansku, tak na dobierku to bude asi problém. Každopádne ďakujem za link na PDF verziu.
  7. Mr. Binary

    Translation into Czech language is done and ready!

    Kde sa dajú zohnať? Je k dispozícii aj el. verzia?
  8. Also, you can punch people in the head as long as their dignity is kept. Suddenly I feel like listening to Tim Minchin's pope song.
  9. Mr. Binary

    FDR Dungeons and Dragons Group

    Any chance of you guys recording your sessions? I can't participate for various reasons, but would love to listen in.
  10. Mr. Binary

    Is Mental Illness Real?

    Shirgall, you almost made me spill my drink.
  11. Mr. Binary

    Ted Nelson will blow your mind

    I think he means internal politics within large companies. But there's plenty of politics in tech outside of companies too, mostly related to the US legal, patent, and copyright systems. Patent trolls, suing competitors out of business, bogus copyright lawsuits, etc. Or because Apple decided that this is now going to be the programming language you have to use if you want to develop for their operating system. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Some concepts in technology have become so ubiquitous that any new developments in those areas would have to bring tremendous benefits in order to become widely accepted. He's (correctly) pointing out that some people think this is how technology must be, while the truth is that it's simply how the people that happened to be in the right place at the right time made it to be.
  12. Mr. Binary


    When I was 8, I wrote my first program in ATARI BASIC.
  13. Mr. Binary

    High Intensity Strength Training (Not HIIT)

    Does 5/3/1 count? Recently, I decided to transform myself from a couch potato into a somewhat physically fit individual again, and I'm going about it using the aforementioned system. I have a lifting cage and everything else at home, so it doesn't cut that much into my usual schedule, even with 4 workouts a week. So far I'm pretty happy with it. I used to lift weights waaay back (like, almost 20 years ago) and I found I was able to return to it very easily, albeit @ much lower weights. I'm not that much into other sports, but there's something about lifting that appeals to me.
  14. Mr. Binary

    The Shaving Philosopher

    You know I'm your biggest fan. Anyway, the "talking philosophy while doing something else" formula is definitely a good one. It gives the video a very casual, and friendly atmosphere, rather than being preachy and didactic.
  15. Mr. Binary

    The Shaving Philosopher

    Hey Joe, Interesting concept for a YouTube channel, although to be completely honest, I enjoyed Omglaserspewpew's cooking a little bit more than your shaving. I really miss your Gaming & Liberty podcast. Do you have any plans to produce new episodes? Cheers

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