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  1. Three

    Online Therapy

    You've given me peace I'm through here
  2. Three

    Online Therapy

    See, I know the context surrounding why Kevin made this post about Steve and you don't So, I'm just tickled to death right now by what I'm reading Wow
  3. Three

    Online Therapy

    Well, in that case, I'll caution against Steve too—despite the fact he helps people Hopefully that will have an overall positive impact.
  4. Three

    Online Therapy

    Wow, you managed to frame a comment designed to harm a man's business, despite the fact that the business ACTUALLY helps, into something "good overall" because "theoretically speaking" Pure autism
  5. Three

    Online Therapy

    This was some time ago, but people read this stuff long after it's posted. I'll say this— Steve hosts numerous retreats that bring dozens and dozens of people together who form lasting bonds. I'm going to one and am really looking forward to it. I can make a list of thirty or so people just off the top of my head who have have quadrupled their income or made the step to parenthood as a result of Steve's consultation. Kevin is a smart man. I spent 4 years getting to know him and having the pleasure of watching him grow into a father and husband. However, this comment from Kevin was needless as well as unfair—especially to all the people who potentially could have benefited from Steve's services, but have been pointed in the wrong direction instead.
  6. Three

    Culture of Critique

    I think it's a book of great importance! Gavin Mcllness recently shared the book and David Duke's book Jewish Supremacism on his YouTube video Help Send Gavin Mcllness to Israel. The taboo of speaking about Jewish influence will become discussed more and more as political correctness falls.
  7. Most of the invaders pouring into Europe are not children though.
  8. There's a culture war happening right now. Results matter. Nihilistic ideological purity keeps you from having any real impact on the real world. Stef meets society where it's at and fights back hence, 570,000 subscribers(70,000 of which he acquired in just recent few months.) These posts that keep people from impacting the world and keep people in their head playing with concepts frankly only will make sense to smart people just like the argument "don't vote because it's a violation of the NAP" is something that only smart people will be able to process. Muslim invaders don't care about your ideological purity. Whether your ideal is a small government, an anarchocapitalist society, or a white ethnostate, these things won't come into fruition if the left wins.
  9. Here is an article similar to mine, but goes way more in depth, from Kevin MacDonald on why Jewish influence is a topic in the Alt-Right. I thought I'd share!
  10. Reminds me of something I said to a friend once like "whites could go very far by adopting the slogan the slogan what would the Jews do? " There's a lot whites can learn from the experts of culture preservation. But yeah man, I'd highly recommend those books. Particularly Kevin MacDonald's. Really fascinating stuff!
  11. Remember when Stef did videos called No Excuse For Female Evil The Virus of Female Responsibility Avoidance Why Women Support Socialism Women, We Need to Talk About Hillary These are videos wherein Stef examines the facts of female behavior that has played a role in shaping society today . He does this factually and fairly(biology) , but does not hesitate to say when female behavior has been incredibly destructive, which is important to be aware of to anyone who wishes to change society. It's important to assign accountability in the context of a society that suppresses facts with regards to female behavior and exaggerates male crimes. Blame is one of these emotionally loaded words that's designed to discourage you from making judgements about particular groups,whether that be parents, immigrants, women, or *gasp* Jews. I wish I could ban the word blame from rational discourse. But, I can't so I wrote an article about the word instead. https://selfknowledgedaily.com/blame-or-responsibility-take-your-pick-4e45318a3592
  12. Stef has indeed cited Kevin MacDonald in The Truth About Immigration
  13. When it comes to examining Jewish power and influence, I don't think there's a grand "Jewish Conspiracy" anymore than I think there's a grand "female conspiracy" when examining female power and influence. Both David Duke and Kevin MacDonald in their books about the subject of Jewish influence both acknowledge the explanatory value of biology (IQ/group evolutionary strategy) just as Stef when he talks female behavior he acknowledges the value of biology(eggs are scarce and women need resources) in explaining female behavior that's been harmful to the West (voting left/refugees welcome.)
  14. Yep, yep. Ivory Tower idealogical purity/using ideals to negate stuff and call it thinking= irrelevant. Meeting society where it is at and fighting back= relevant.

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