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  1. Culture of Critique

    I think it's a book of great importance! Gavin Mcllness recently shared the book and David Duke's book Jewish Supremacism on his YouTube video Help Send Gavin Mcllness to Israel. The taboo of speaking about Jewish influence will become discussed more and more as political correctness falls.
  2. Most of the invaders pouring into Europe are not children though.
  3. There's a culture war happening right now. Results matter. Nihilistic ideological purity keeps you from having any real impact on the real world. Stef meets society where it's at and fights back hence, 570,000 subscribers(70,000 of which he acquired in just recent few months.) These posts that keep people from impacting the world and keep people in their head playing with concepts frankly only will make sense to smart people just like the argument "don't vote because it's a violation of the NAP" is something that only smart people will be able to process. Muslim invaders don't care about your ideological purity. Whether your ideal is a small government, an anarchocapitalist society, or a white ethnostate, these things won't come into fruition if the left wins.
  4. Here is an article similar to mine, but goes way more in depth, from Kevin MacDonald on why Jewish influence is a topic in the Alt-Right. I thought I'd share!
  5. Reminds me of something I said to a friend once like "whites could go very far by adopting the slogan the slogan what would the Jews do? " There's a lot whites can learn from the experts of culture preservation. But yeah man, I'd highly recommend those books. Particularly Kevin MacDonald's. Really fascinating stuff!
  6. Remember when Stef did videos called No Excuse For Female Evil The Virus of Female Responsibility Avoidance Why Women Support Socialism Women, We Need to Talk About Hillary These are videos wherein Stef examines the facts of female behavior that has played a role in shaping society today . He does this factually and fairly(biology) , but does not hesitate to say when female behavior has been incredibly destructive, which is important to be aware of to anyone who wishes to change society. It's important to assign accountability in the context of a society that suppresses facts with regards to female behavior and exaggerates male crimes. Blame is one of these emotionally loaded words that's designed to discourage you from making judgements about particular groups,whether that be parents, immigrants, women, or *gasp* Jews. I wish I could ban the word blame from rational discourse. But, I can't so I wrote an article about the word instead. https://selfknowledgedaily.com/blame-or-responsibility-take-your-pick-4e45318a3592
  7. Stef has indeed cited Kevin MacDonald in The Truth About Immigration
  8. When it comes to examining Jewish power and influence, I don't think there's a grand "Jewish Conspiracy" anymore than I think there's a grand "female conspiracy" when examining female power and influence. Both David Duke and Kevin MacDonald in their books about the subject of Jewish influence both acknowledge the explanatory value of biology (IQ/group evolutionary strategy) just as Stef when he talks female behavior he acknowledges the value of biology(eggs are scarce and women need resources) in explaining female behavior that's been harmful to the West (voting left/refugees welcome.)
  9. Yep, yep. Ivory Tower idealogical purity/using ideals to negate stuff and call it thinking= irrelevant. Meeting society where it is at and fighting back= relevant.
  10. Starts with sarcasm. No curiosity. 1000 word lecturey wall of text filled with negation after negation. No thanks, moving on.
  11. An article I wrote in November as a follow up to "The Arrogance of the Anti-Empirical Libertarian." I thought I'd share it here given that Trump is now POTUS. A few weeks ago I wrote in my piece “The Arrogance of the Anti-Empirical Libertarian”, "Right now we are in a situation of great emergency not much different from the emergency the British faced in June. There is a fork in the road ahead to which we draw nearer and nearer to everyday. The paths up ahead lead to two separate destinations that couldn’t be further apart from one another. The path on the left leads to a world of doom. The path on the right leads to a world of possibility. The world of doom is the world we shall live in should Hillary Clinton — one of the most physically ill, mentally unstable, corrupt and wicked politicians of all time — be elected president. Hillary has made it clear that she will do to the United States what Angela Merkel has done to Germany. This means that Hillary Clinton will gradually transform the United States into a third world country by indiscriminately importing third worlders along with their anti-western cultures. In this world, the real threat of a nuclear war with Russia looms larger than it ever has. In this world, the West will fall. The world of possibility is the world we will live in should Donald Trump — a candidate that is unprecedented in the history of politics —become the next president of the United States. In this world, there is the possibility of preserving the West. In this world, we will be in a situation not much different from the situation of hope the British found themselves in after the EU referendum." Well, here we are. This was not a race between two typical politicians. This was not a race between republicans and democrats. This was a race between a nationalist and the crooked globalist media, democrats, and republicans, who all have been demonstrably benefiting from a regime of forced multiculturalism, of aiding and abetting terrorists hostile to Western culture, and of domestic social totalitarianism against freedom of speech. And the nationalist won. We are now in that world of possibility much to the relief of millions who really processed the stakes in what was far from just another ordinary election. This was a winner-take-all election. This was a hard-fought battle for Western civilization. And we earned a hard-fought victory. But the culture war is far from over. In response to my last article, some have mistakenly said that I think Trump will “save the West.” This is an oversimplification of a more nuanced position I’ve argued, which is that given what information has been presented in videos such as the The Truth About World War III | United States vs. Russia, I think we can say with certainty that a Trump presidency will preserve the West *relative to* a Clinton presidency. Does this mean I know for a fact that Donald Trump will be able to achieve every single goal that has been laid out in documents such as “Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter?” No, it doesn’t. As an empiricist I take in as much information as I can before coming to absolute conclusions. I’ve been well aware of the argument that says using violence to solve problems has the opposite result of its stated goal, which was also put forward as a response to my last article. For example, the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, government schools — these are all government programs that set out to solve some problem, but in fact only made those problems far worse. This is a pattern which we’ve observed time and time again and it is from these empirical observations that we derived the rule of thumb that says, “the state always achieves the opposite of its intended goal.” And that’s important. This rule of thumb was derived from empiricism. So, while we can’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what the next administration will look like anymore than your local news station’s meteorologist can always prove what the weather will be like tomorrow, we can make reasonable predictions —provided variables remain the same— based on these reliable patterns that have been observed time and time again. One of these variables was the fact that Presidents were always already bought and paid for by special interest. So, we knew that the first thing the President would do once in office is reward friends and punish enemies. He would immediately pass legislation to help a few special people under the guise of some larger benevolent goal. This is how Stefan Molyneux predicted what would happen under an Obama administration with impressive precision back in 2008. But now variables have changed. To repeat conclusions such as, “the state achieves the opposite of its intended goal”, regardless of what new data arises is simply negating stuff and calling it thinking, which is anti-empirical. Trump does not fit the mold of the typical politician like Hillary. He reluctantly decided to run for office at the very end of his life. He’s not bought and paid for. Plus, Trump has the courage to attack the media. The fact that these variables have changed should at least give the empiricist pause and generate curiosity. Trump has laid out numerous goals which he will work with congress to achieve. Which one of these goals will he not achieve? For example, Trump wants to appoint a conservative Supreme Court Justice. Will Trump not be able to do this? If he does appoint a conservative Supreme Court Justice will that result in the opposite of its intended goal? Trump also wants to preserve the second amendment. Will he achieve the opposite of this goal? If so, how? Given how Trump is so different, for me the probability that he could achieve more than say your average politician has increased and regardless of whatever he fails to achieve, the outcome of his presidency will be less damaging to the world than what a Hillary presidency would have been. That’s a possibility that I am very much open to. Again, does that mean I know with absolute certainty that Trump will achieve all his goals and save the West? No. And that is the humility of the empiricist. If I truly believed that Donald Trump alone could save the West, then I would have just voted, went home, and relaxed into a complacent life of never having to think or write about geopolitics ever again. Just as Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election was a team effort, moving the needle towards a free society is a team effort and there’s a lot more work to be done. The media still must be crushed. They will continue to lie as much about Trump while he’s president as they lied about him throughout his campaign. Already, ridiculous race-baiting narratives are being put forward about Trump’s victory, such as that it represents a racist “whitelast.” This propaganda is not only ridiculous, but can get people seriously injured as can be seen in this recent video that’s surfaced of black mob brutally beating a white Trump supporter. If the media actually reported the facts you wouldn’t be seeing the destructive anti-Trump riots that are occurring in NYC and other places. And don’t think the smear is going to come only from the left. Anti-Trump libertarians and anarcho-capitalists who cried out that Stefan Molyneux had lost his way for meeting society where it is at and covering this election cycle will take any mistake made by a Trump administration as vindication. If something terrible happens like collateral damage, they will post articles throughout social media proclaiming, “Aha! See this awful thing that’s happened. This is what you voted for you unprincipled Trump supporters!” (And they will say all this without asking “compared to what?” and considering what greater tragedy could have occurred if Clinton was instead in the White House.) We have gained momentum, but we can’t afford to become passive. As the now President-Elect Trump would say, “your momentum can lull you into a false sense of security because your momentum can vanish quickly if you don’t work to maintain it.” We must keep our momentum rolling. We must continue to work as hard as ever towards bringing philosophy to the world so that one day our descendants will be able to reap all the benefits of a truly free society, such as not having to worry about who the next President will be at all.
  12. Negate and dismiss. No arguments. No curiosity. Boring. In return you will be negated and dismissed. Ignored.
  13. Lol that was great. Thank you.

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