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  1. He may have gone to jail. Many people were posting on social media and others called the city officials there. https://twitter.com/realMikeBSmith/status/918522363557400578
  2. Hi FDR friends, Please review my thread on twitter about DeAndre Harris. https://twitter.com/hellotonycrowe/status/917839937151447040 I posted evidence of him clubbing a man over the head and starting the brawl with his friends. There is a controversy because the police may or may not have a warrant out for DeAndre. I fear they may riot if it goes through. If you think my post(s) are accurate please retweet and maybe we can prevent another race-bating hoax. THANK YOU -Tony C.
  3. Tony Crowe

    Richard Spencer & Identitarianism

    @kenstauffer, Yes you're mistaken as @Dad said. Racism, bigot, prejudice all have a requirement that it's irrational. That's not what Richard Spencer is doing. He's promoting being direct, honest, courageous, rational, and pro-white.
  4. Tony Crowe

    Why one woman instead of many?

    Harems and Reverse-harems is an idea that goes back a long time. It's usually considered Eastern where women have a status similar to a prostitute. In the past women occupied a higher status in the West. Now the status, wealth, and self-respect of women is low so it is very possible to have numerous wives, concubines, or girlfriends. This is a reflection of the will of the dominant rulers. It's less common for women to have multiple men because men prefer to monopolize a woman and they're willing to fight over it.
  5. Tony Crowe

    The mind-body problem

    This is ambiguous or tautological. sensorium = sensory apparatus or faculties considered as a whole product of the mind = ? sum of the mind whole of the whole? --- The other part is less ambiguous but if taken literally I can understand it. --- I don't think God is what you say it is. God is written about in in texts associated with the Hebrews and Christians. I haven't read anywhere that: (quotes from the OP) + there was 'activity of God on the mind' + intention is submitted to God who then decides whether to grant it in full + granted in full or part, the material world changes + My action was an intention submitted to God + Decision by God to create monad B as if monad B were changed by intention A. + Creation of monads A and B by God God & The Lord are written about and you can read about the list of forms, actions, emotions, and sentiments that God has. https://god.net/god/bible-topics/god-is/god-is-bible-verses-that-describe-who-god-is/ As far as I understand it the will of people and the will of God are independent. If that is so then God would not be granting things associated with our intent. Based on this argument is there another word other than God or do you maintain that the Hebrew God does what you describe?
  6. Tony Crowe

    Richard Spencer & Identitarianism

    Another angle is that talking about solutions might be in violation of US Code. (Yes, I know he's in CA.) But a similar thing might apply. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/part-I/chapter-115 Helpful?
  7. Tony Crowe

    Richard Spencer & Identitarianism

    Good question, @Dad. There's a growing number of people that are just going to keep hammering the facts rather than talking about conclusions and solutions. I think the reasoning is if we can't agree on the facts then we won't be able to marshal our resources toward any solution anyway. Another take on it is in Stef's book, "Revolutions" https://freedomainradio.com/free/#rev Also, would it be necessary for you to hear explicit support for someone if it means consequences for Stef? Often times people say to YouTubers "You need to talk about the JQ" or similar controversy. It might not be a sustainable direction or even be an area that they're knowledgeable in. Based on those things do you think you have a better understanding of why this could be?
  8. 'Deferral of gratification' comes up around our conversations quite a bit. It can be about diet, sex, spending, and etc. What are some ways someone can defer gratification that are not commonly understood, not obvious, but can have a benefit in our lives? Thank you
  9. Lode, as humans we can sense many different things across gradients, spectra, and frequencies. In ancient times they had the idea of the Aristotelian Mean, or Golden Mean. https://infogalactic.com/info/Golden_mean_(philosophy) For example: [bass] ------ [mid] ------ [treble] [darkness] ------ [indoor light] ------ [sunlight] [silent] ------ [conversationalist] ------ [motor mouth] [lazy] ------ [engaged] ------ [obsessed] Perfection is an idea representing the far end of one of the spectrum that we measure. It's just an idea and not practically attainable. Perfection, like lowering or raising the bar, can be moved to where you see the highest heights of a quality that you desire. No God, deity, or creator is required to understand perfection. Alas, it's a human word and idea! <3
  10. Tony Crowe

    The mind-body problem

    The term for this condition is called solipsism. Certain groups of people naturally exhibit this characteristic. The practitioner projects their needs out with the expectation that the external part will do the work for the internal part. In truth the things you see are not a part of your mind but rather external phenomenon with multiple levels of boundaries in between you and the final object. God is an idea and not an object in reality. So, it can have an effect on your mind or whoever else is convinced of the projection. Does that make sense?
  11. Tony Crowe

    ''you can't make him do this stuff''

    Yes, this is true A4E. The reason for talking about it deterministically is without high consciousness, directed effort, and willpower a person will perform the same script as everyone else in that state. So it makes sense to talk about people in terms that are determinist or certain if they usually do follow the same path. It both gives a kind of stability to life and contrasts those who rise above that base level.
  12. Tony Crowe

    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome, Jannik. I'm very happy to hear you've taken a look around at what is happening for yourself and others. Sometimes people wait even longer before taking action. After all it's not your fault that society was constructed to be boring or unwelcoming and not reward you for getting out more. Hagen Grell was recently interviewed about the state of Germany. He said it's normal for Germans to be mistrustful of Brits and Americans, and rightfully so, due to the wars. Did you have reluctance to hearing the messages of our English-speaking philosophers or other cultural commentators? Also, are you familiar with the unofficial FDR chat? Some like it and others do not. discord.gg/CqGqEEK Take care, -Tony
  13. Tony Crowe

    FDR/Stefan Fan Club/Current Events meetup in St. Pete, FL?

    Some people do or don't consider Florida to be "The South" which is generally considered to be anti-intellectual. It doesn't mean unintelligent. There are a ton of smart people! You can see them doing amazing things with their jobs, inventions, and wealth creation. They aren't interested in discussing ideas and it makes them extremely uncomfortable to do so.
  14. Tony Crowe

    Anyone else from SLC, Utah?

    Assembling the #UtahFam here. PM if you see it. =]
  15. Tony Crowe

    FDR/Stefan Fan Club/Current Events meetup in St. Pete, FL?

    I used to live over there. It's a tough place to be when discussing ideas with people due to the culture. Best of luck assemling that FLFam!

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