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  7. Question 1: [2:19] – “What are the psychoanalytic meanings (and implications) of sex and violence, and why are these two forces of nature so often associated with power?” Question 2: [38:10] – “I am a baby boomer 67-year-old, born in 1950. I am quite disappointed in the woman who claimed to represent our generation. In general, I agree with Stephan’s assessment of our generation. I do however disagree with some key assertions he has made, as to how much one generation can be held responsible for the current state of the country’s financial predicament. How can boomers be primarily blamed for the looming financial crisis?” Question 3: [1:05:55] – “Me and my girlfriend of 5 years first met when we started a Young Americans for Liberty Chapter, we recently broke up with one of the big reasons being our differences in opinion on immigration. She is Mexican American with some of her family being here illegally. I am a Trump supporting ancap born to MAGA, while she is an open border hard ancap Trump skeptic. Should I follow through with my threat to call ICE on her step father who is here illegally and who sexually abused her as a child giving her major depression?” Question 4: [1:33:49] – “Empathy, as it is commonly practiced today, has been corrupted by Neo-Marxist thought, rather than being the premise by which two parties establish reciprocal affection for each other it is instead used as a political weapon where one party browbeats another into submission using emotional abuse and ostracism i.e. “Marginalized Minorities” vs “The White Man”. The concept behind empathy has been put at the forefront of my mind lately both through observing the current political climate and also from the negative treatment I have received from my Family for sharing these observations. If one party refuses to reciprocate empathy while demanding it of the other is there any point in trying to salvage the relationship? Is there any way that this state of affairs, both in relation to myself and the west in general, ends without devolving into conflict?” Question 5: [2:09:02] – “How do you balance empirical knowledge and research with personal experience and identity in a discussion in which both approaches could actually enrichen the argument? How would one value one versus the other and use both advantageously without rubbishing the discussion like it´s done so frequently, when one uses the identity argument to silence and shame the other, or – to try and see the flaws in both sides – one uses statistics and empirical knowledge to invalidate or explain away a lived personal or group experience?” Question 6: [2:32:19] – “I am afraid to have a child with a woman and have her leave from boredom thus separating the family. I am afraid of a woman lying to destroy my reputation to win custody or for winning sympathy after a breakup or divorce. I was raised by a single mother since I was around 12. My mother was never married to my father and has 4 kids by 3 fathers. I am struggling to reconcile my desire to create a 2-parent married household with children and living a MGTOW lifestyle. What advice or criticism could you give me?” Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Listen to the Podcast
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