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  7. Before I ban just about everybody in the thread - you folks might want to take a gander at the forum rules and not be so jerky.
  8. Question 1: [1:42] – “"With the situation in places like Puerto Rico, Cuba and El Salvador, more and more skilled professionals are leaving the country for the US. I personally know some of these individuals and when I ask them "Why did you leave?" it was for things we in the US tend to take for granted such as a turn signals, fire response and access to medical care. Can it be said that a certain amount of 'collective effort' or 'socialism' is necessary to provide a floor of infrastructure and services so that the higher earners of a culture and country do not flee for a better quality of life?" Question 2: [33:49] – “Currently vocal activist groups are seeking to limit parental authority by casting spanking as wrongful conduct. They are beating the drum about spanking not benefiting children, that it does not work, and even claiming it is harmful. The studies they use are not scientific and fly in the face of common sense. The propaganda is regular and the liberal media regularly publish stories trying to sway the public, re-define and demonize spanking, the parental use of force.” “The goal of these groups are to allow for gov't intervention in the family through criminal or gov't dependency actions which allow for the removal of children from parents who may use force to discipline as with spanking. Do you believe that ultimately kids must obey their parents? If you can't use force, you have no authority over anyone. It is easy to understand police authority and the fact that ultimately they can use force. We don't refer to police use of authority as violence or aggression. Do you believe parental authority should include spanking, the use of force to create some physical discomfort? If not, are you not supporting the "socialized" parenting? Are you aware that if a kid goes to a juvenile delinquency center the gov't can use force for their disobedience? Are you aware that all this anti-spanking propaganda is also aimed at diminishing the family unit by diminishing parental authority? Do you think we should ban spanking for all parents simply because some abuse the privilege? No one would suggest that with police, but with the public, liberals always seek the lowest common denominator to treat everyone the same and increase gov't control. Have you considered that your position actually supports socialist and communist ideologies?” Question 3: [1:23:05] – “As a professional engineer and an innovator I find myself working in an industry dominated by people who are, as a colleague of mine very aptly puts it, ‘professional careerists.’ Engineers who rise in an organization just by being on all the right committees and giving management the answers they wanted to hear. They don’t have original thoughts or make decisions. My question is whether you think that this is just a natural phenomenon in a mature industry or is it the result of modern culture? Regardless, as an individual motivated by a desire to be creative what should I be doing with my career?” Question 4: [2:06:22] – “Why should I spend my life trying to do any good, even if we can recognize a simply material-mutualistic benefit to it? When people are so clearly insane they can't recognize great threats to society and their own lives and livelihoods, can't see evil staring them in the face, and you get no rapport but either perplexity or hostility thrown back in your teeth when you dare to mention it, and it would be easy enough to abuse their folly... What more fundamental reason then to try to do good to one and all rather than exploit the wankers and leave them by the side of the road?" Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Listen to the Podcast
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  12. Question 1: [2:53] - “When I watched the video you posted titled 'why democracy always fails', I nearly lost faith in you! I think I can demonstrate to you that what you think is democracy is not a democracy at all, but an elected oligarchy disguised as one. A genuine democracy would function very differently. Not only can I demonstrate that; I can present a relatively simple fix to change our elected oligarchy into a democracy that will transfer power out of the hands of political parties and into the hands of voters, where it should be.” “I understand that you claim that you do your show as you want to empower people, well that is the sole function of a democracy, you should - to be consistent - support the creation of democracy. Correct me if I am wrong on this. I think I can logically demonstrate that democracy should lead to what you called the 'collective good' and the most rational course of action; or at the very least demonstrate the change I present will lead to a substantial improvement over the present system. And getting better is what it’s all about. If I am right isn't getting a genuine democracy the priority, as everything else follows on from that change?" Question 2: [45:44] – “Stefan seems to be of the opinion that one of the best, if not the best way to organize a society, is to structure it according to Christian principles. He offers quite a bit of critique for the broadly understood atheist community for not understanding that organizing society without, for example, maintaining a Protestant work ethic, inevitably leads to disaster. Is Stefan’s position that while he does not personally believe in god, it is best for the masses of people out there to remain believers for the sake of creating a more prosperous, safer, and generally better society?” Question 3: [55:19] – “I work for the largest employer in a western state with an employee base of over 40,000 people. Recently, the entire web development department was told that they will be losing their jobs within the next two weeks and being replaced by a consultant company. The employees who are losing their jobs are being forced to participate in ‘knowledge transfer’ meetings each day with their replacements of this consultant company, most of which are offshore in India. This is a growing trend among companies with large IT staffs as developers, architects, database admins and analysts are expensive components of the payroll. With Trump's focus on keeping American jobs in America, why is there little or no coverage of the intellectual exodus of technical positions offshore?” Question 4: [1:33:38] – “What would you say your biases are? How do you avoid confirmation bias when dealing with new information? And how does a young person like me search for the truth without giving in to confirmation bias?” Question 5: [1:49:43] - "As a black American and right libertarian, I've been recently very intrigued by the propositions of the alt-right in the United States and the identitarians in Europe. Given that the refugee crisis and multiculturalism has proven and continues to be an expensive, dangerous, and culture-destroying disaster for Western Civilization, the alt-right appears to have a powerful argument in favor of supporting ethno-states in the West. For myself, who is fervently in support of the Western values inherent in establishing the United States, I have continuously simply described myself as 'American', and have believed that properly executed, policies in line with civic nationalism in the United States are sufficient to curb and perhaps reverse the deterioration of society. However, my concerns about phenomena such as regression to the mean, in-group preference, and the heritability of IQ, etc. shed some uncertainty on whether or not civic nationalism is indeed robust enough to solve these issues when compared to the sort of ethnic nationalism the alt-right advocates. While it seems reasonable to me to support ethnic nationalism in Europe, since identity in those countries is so greatly tied to blood (and its connections to culture therein), in the US, where identity seems to be more tied to the nation's founding principles and ethics, can civic nationalism really succeed at preserving an ethical society, especially one which is characteristically western European at its core?" Question 6: [2:36:47] – “I was born in USSR and moved to USA in 1998. As soon as I landed in USA, I was hit in the face with racism, sexism, and wage gap. Those issues did not exist where I came from. For the first time I heard about ‘Cold War’ and many other myths about Russia. How come there is a difference in information, values, and people? Is capitalism really better than communism?” Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at: http://www.freedomainradio.com/donate Listen to the Podcast
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