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  1. voluntaryistmitch

    Peaceful Parenting Book?

    I know Stefan mentioned awhile ago that he was working on a book, any update on when it will be out. I think it would be immensely helpful for a lot of people, myself included. In the meantime, what are the best 1-2 books to start with?
  2. voluntaryistmitch

    What future FDR presentations would you like to see?

    I'd love to see Stefan rebut this Ted talk which calls for universal, mandatory maternity/paternity paid leave. "How America Fails New Parents — and Their Babies | Jessica Shortall | TED Talks":
  3. voluntaryistmitch

    Google Music now features podcasts, please post!

    Agreed! Is there anywhere else that gets good traffic where they should be posted. Soundcloud?
  4. voluntaryistmitch

    Disabling Ads

    They aren't mutually exclusive. He could do both. This would just be an additional revenue stream. And it isn't like he is bringing an audience to specific advertisers that he contracts with. It is just whatever YouTube serves up.
  5. voluntaryistmitch

    Disabling Ads

    I know Stef has talked about this quite, and I believe he has good reasons for a 100% donation-based model. However, I still believe that the best way to grow the show is to simply enable ads on YouTube and thus I will bring this up once again. FDR is forecast to have 52.5 million views over the next year. This translates into $75-179k in YouTube revenue (http://youtubemoney.co/). Stef does not have to actively promote any product or service, and there will be no interruptions during videos like Stef has mentioned before as a reason to not use advertising. All that would happen is that some videos have short ads that can be skipped at the beginning, and there will be small pop ups on videos. This is extremely widespread on YouTube and widely accepted so I don't think people will find it to be a big nuisance. Any lost traffic from these minor nuisances would be more than offset by the increased reach FDR could have from an additional $100k/year put into growing the show. Stef could hire an additional person or two, could advertise his show elsewhere, or any number of things with this additional revenue. So, I'd love to hear some good rationale for why this massive revenue stream should continue to ignored year after year. I completely understand why Stef wouldn't want to do "live reads" for sponsors or anything like that, but this is extremely passive advertising with which Stef does not have to be affiliated with. Other sources for calculating YouTube revenue: http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/stefbot http://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/032615/how-youtube-ad-revenue-works.asp
  6. voluntaryistmitch

    Please research the collapse of building # 7

    9/11 conspiracies are completely ridiculous and based in pseudoscience - http://www.debunking911.com/index.html
  7. voluntaryistmitch

    [YouTube] YOU ARE WRONG.

    Excellent. I think these shorter videos are great. A really good way to bring in new people who may not want to watch one of Stef's longer videos.
  8. voluntaryistmitch

    What future FDR presentations would you like to see?

    Please don't put out a video in support of 9/11 truth. 9/11 truth theories are incredidibly empirically unsound, and I'd hate to see Stef put something out in their favor.
  9. voluntaryistmitch

    Is the brand name "Freedomain Radio" causing problems?

    Yeah, I agree with your assessment.
  10. voluntaryistmitch

    What future FDR presentations would you like to see?

    I'm excited for the Net Neutrality one. I bet that will get a lot of views if everybody shares is.
  11. voluntaryistmitch

    Is the brand name "Freedomain Radio" causing problems?

    Yeah, I think the "Radio" in the tile is very confusing for a lot of people. Anybody know why Stef decided to call it that?
  12. Well let's keep up with the good thumbnails and titles then, since Stef and the listeners always bring good content.
  13. Any idea why this video has been significantly more popular than others? Already 90k views. Was it posted somewhere that then directed a lot of traffic?
  14. voluntaryistmitch

    What future FDR presentations would you like to see?

    Yes, it seems like it. Thanks for putting them together. They have been excellent, informative, and will really help grow FDR.

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