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      24 Mar

    "I'm your mum, do as I say or else!" So shouts the despotic parent. "Not an argument!" the child responds triggering the universe to collapse on itself. A paradox of paradoxes.

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      02 Mar

    Just listened to The Truth about Macarthyism. My jaw dropped, I have been crying on and off for a day. The corruption is insane. Thanks for the truth Stefan.

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      09 Feb
    Fred Black Fox

    “The priority of the masculine core is mission, purpose, or direction in life. The priority of the feminine core is the flow of love in intimacy.” –David Deida, The Way of The Superior Man, P. 106

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Need to Vent: The Overflowing of Propaganda at Work

Men's Issues, Feminism and Gender Yesterday, 05:57 PM
Just need to vent some frustration:   At work, we have this internal announcement page where people can post about anything:   Celebrations of achievement, company anniversaries, happy hour parties, brand launches...all the stuff you'd expect.   Except HALF of the posts are mind-bo...
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[Podcast] FDR3631 Failing At Life With A Smile On Your Fa...

New Freedomain Radio Content and Updates Yesterday, 04:53 PM
Question 1: [2:44] - “As a manager in a global Financial Services business that employees over 200k people and has revenues of over $29bn US Dollars, I have seen a huge focus develop on ‘Gender Equality’, meaning that there are a number of initiatives and programs aimed at getting mo...
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[Podcast] FDR3630 Triggered Goalpost Moving - Call in Sho...

New Freedomain Radio Content and Updates Yesterday, 02:38 PM
Question 1: [2:07] - “I had a really great childhood, and I think I've made it to adulthood pretty successfully. I am happily married to a wonderful man and have extremely high hopes for our future. However, in the first months of my marriage, I was so frustrated during an argument...
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[YouTube] True News: Week In Review - March 26th, 2017

New Freedomain Radio Content and Updates Yesterday, 01:24 PM
  1:11 - Trump Signs Bill Securing NASA Funding 9:12 - Chelsea Clinton Joins Expedia 13:18 - Death Rates Rise For White Adults 24:51 - Controversial Child Dolls 39:46 - Illegal Voter Was “Confused” 51:03 - 21.6% of Denmark Babies Have Immigrant Background 57:08 - 30 Countries Refusing To Ta...
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Is YouTube dying right before our eyes? How can we Preser...

Current Events Yesterday, 03:51 AM
What will it take for us to finally realize internet giants like Google, YouTube, FaceBook are diluting the potential of what the internet has given us as human potential? Where will we go to openly share ideas and experiences across the globe?   Will any even notice their chains as their ec...
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