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    My beautiful amazing wife wrote a book that many could benefit from reading. Several people from the community were involved. Phil Johnston designed the cover. Cheryl Hulseapple edited the book. And several others helped by reading and providing useful feedback in the writing process. Thank you so much to those involved! Amazon wouldn't let me post my review of the book, on account of being the author's husband, but I thought I would share it here: Get the book here for $0.99! On a personal note, to you, from me. I've had a lot of conversations with people about therapy over the years, as a member of the boards. There are a lot of legitimate questions and reservations people have around therapy. I've noticed too that many people have had an attitude of "I know I probably should, but eh..." and don't get around to it. Let this book help you make that decision. It doesn't feel good to be conflicted about this. Or to know that you should try it, but don't act. I doubt I would be blissfully married, have a great career I am very motivated in, and be expecting a child of my own at the end of the year if I hadn't got into therapy. I would probably still be unemployed/underemployed, depressed and anxious all the time, not living my values, and playing video games every day. I don't know for sure where I would have ended up, but it scares me to think about. Plus, cool book cover, right?
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    The whole issue with abortion is that people want to escape responsibility for their actions and are denying the child their humanity to justify their choice.
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    Hi, guys! I wrote a book titled How to Find a Great Therapist, and I'd love if y'all would check it out. It's only 99 cents! The inspiration for writing this book came, in large part, from the many stories I heard on these boards about your struggles to find a good therapist. I also have FAQ at the end which consists of questions that came exclusively from FDR listeners. It's available on Amazon here. Please let me know what you think! Book Description: "This book is not just about finding a good therapist. It is about finding a great therapist. The kind of person who will inspire you, challenge you, and change your life. The kind of person who will help you make real progress. "If you are just looking for someone to talk to, this book is not for you. Throw a rock and you will find a mediocre counselor who will gladly take your money, go through the motions of “listening” to you for an hour, week after week, and never encourage you to change. And maybe you don’t want to change. That’s fine. Just check out another book, because this one will only stress you out. "However, if you want to thrive rather than survive, use this book to demystify the often muddled field of psychology. You will learn: How to identify an awesome therapist. How to know if you’ve found a bad one. What to expect from therapy. How to trust yourself. And how to improve your odds of permanent growth. "The author takes her years of “couch surfing,” during which she saw over twenty therapists and coaches, to simplify the process and help you make life changes efficiently and with the support you need. "This short book is jam-packed, full of principles that you can use to feel confident about an often confusing and stressful transition in your life. Make the choice to change your life and find a great therapist."
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    The answer is they aren't. You already said it. The shit posting disaster comment you made. That's happening here too. Since the push to Trump a lot of the conversations here involve people who shit post. Not people who have done any kind of real work on themselves,or who actually understand or care about peaceful parenting/anarchy. That's what bothers me. We don't have conversations here anymore. We have written chess games and shit posting. How many "What happened to FDR" threads have popped up in the past year? I've seen five or six myself. People have come back after not having been here for a while and don't understand why a guy (Stef) who used to say voting was immoral was now making pro-Trump videos, and when they asked they were told to watch the past year's worth of videos, and often also got down voted. If that many people were brave enough to post a "WTF happened?" post then how many came back, saw it had changed, didn't say anything and left never to return? Now we have this Oh forums are outdated in the era of social media remark. What a load of absolute shit. People are fucking starving for conversations. People are gasping for the air of a long form conversation. That's why you see guys like Joe Rogan doing three hour long podcasts in a world where we also have six second clips on Vine. The fact that this thread exists shows that people sense a distinct lack of conversation. ... This isn't healthy you guys. The move away from robust conversation is the right's answer to the left's safe space censorship nonsense. If it keeps going like this it won't be weird to see Western culture dissolve completely. The lack of conversations is actually contributing to the collapse. Chip chip chipping away at the foundation.
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    I deliberately did not go into depth about why I like the podcast and book content. I like terse.
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    Right. Here is the problem: You are trying to have a debate, while I am trying to have a conversation. From my view, our Conversation looks like this: M: I have had a personal experience, and think others may have had it too. Has anyone else had this? DD: Your experience is not proven true. M: Yeah, I know, that is the point. DD: You have to prove it! M: I cannot. DD: You are terrrible at arguing and you are what makes this forum hell for the original folk. - My first point was that the forums may be too regulated. Which is substantiated by the fact that your posts and mine on this very thread take 10 hours to 2 days to getting through. Or they do not get through at all. You can check the dates. meetjoeblack has attested to this phenomenon already. - My second thought was that maybe people create an uneasy environment by bullying people because of the supposed bad arguments they make. You yourself are the proof to this point, as you keep arguing with me while I have no interest in doing so over something that is not even up for debate. My personal experiences. You call into question my integrity, my debating abilities, you accuse me of sophistry and passive aggression. I assume you would not agree with my definition of bullying either, but what you are doing, namely questioning my integrity, is the worst type of bullying that you could possibly carry out on an East-Asian. I am very offended in the truest sense of the word. - Thirdly, I made a point about the upgrade to the forums. And for some reason you felt like you had to question me on the reasons for my speculation. All questions which I was delighted to reply to until you began reminding me that all of my speculations are merely speculations. To me it seems like you set out to make a point when you replied to my post, and you made that point regardless of what I said. I mean... How do you manage to see malice even behind my apologies? What is the matter with you? Even if I admit to a mistake, you call that passive-aggression?
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    You are making it extremely hard for my not to be passive-aggressive right now. I was going to reply: "Oh. Look who is not done yet". Does that count as passive aggressive behaviour? Why do you assume that I was paraphrasing you in order to frame you as a bully? That was not my intention with that. I merely wanted to let you understand how I perceive our most fruitless discussion. In case you haven't realised, my initial post was not a CLAIM, but a QUESTION to the members of the forums. You can check the 2 days claim by seeing when my post went up, and comparing it the time of the notification you received of my post. That simple really. No, I did not write to Michael. I am pretty sure he has better things to do. I have had an email exchange with him back in December, and that was when I realised that my trivial issues are not worth his time. If it gets to the point where I am very bothered by this system, I will leave. Again... I posted the questions in order to get confirmation of whether or not my speculations were true. This very conversation is the lengthy process, at the end of which I was hoping you could give me some helpful info. So far you have only confirmed one thing for me: that indeed posts are being delayed. I am going to ignore your definition of ethnicity, as you probably would as well, since you did not post your source. Japanese is an ethnic group, Chinese is an ethnic group, but they are not the same ethnicity. They do however belong to the same East-Asian culture. I said "culture" very deliberately. Ethnicity is unrelated here in my opinion. But of course, we can disagree on what ethnicity is. Anthropologists still have not agreed on a definition. http://www.differencebetween.info/difference-between-ethnicity-and-culture What is this "winning" thing? I keep noticing that you think we are having a competitive debate. I am not using two different definitions, I am using mine. In fact, you do have more power, as you can take away reputation points from me, while I cannot do vice versa. In my very humble opinion, bullying is part of life, just as bigotry and relativism is as well. I often visit gaming forums, which are very loosely regulated, and they are still the most civilised places on the internet. See here: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/ It is not necessary to police the forums in order to keep the forums from going down the path of trolling and unsubstanciated claims. All you need to do is ignore people really. Yes, you do make me uncomfortable, and you damn well should be able to. Meanwhile, others should be able to speak out against you, or downvote you, or even bully you for all I care. Maybe. Could it be that philosophy is generally unpleasant? See what I did there? Another speculation. Fear my unsubstanciated guesses! One last thing: If you doubt my data sourcing abilities, please check out my other posts. Here, I'll give you my favourite one (I sourced the ship out of this topic, you're gonna love it): https://board.freedomainradio.com/topic/48784-the-truth-about-the-migrant-crisis-and-hungary/#comment-443921
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    Entropy may be confusing. I get that. But it is a most important topic that NeoDarwinism in particular disregards at its peril, especially with regards to genetic mutations. Makes no difference to me. If you regard these conversations as a popularity contest, that's your problem.
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    The twins studies are controversial, and far from settled: https://www.madinamerica.com/2014/12/studies-reared-apart-separated-twins-facts-fallacies/

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