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  2. All actions aim at the Good?

    Well, I see people aim for things that are only "good" for themselves, ie sadist. I also see some people went for what was "good" in the moment like overweight, smokers, druggies etc But if we are talking about objective good, like UPB. I dont see this "All actions aim at the Good" as true, as if true, how can there be any evil? However, I can see a lot of actions are aimed at things that people think are good but are objectively bad
  3. There is no point in being angry if you freely decided to do it and especially when you continually decide to do it. Like if drinking prune juice angers me, I won't drink it and I especially won't continually drink it But everything you choose to do, you want to do. If you didn't want to do it, you wouldn't do it. You must feel like this is something you need to do, which is a lie. You don't need to do this. You can stop doing anything you chose to do in the past, today. Or you can continue doing what you like freely. Maybe you need to refresh why you like doing what you are doing. Or maybe you just found out you don't want to do something any longer. You will find that out by the actions you freely decide to continually make. This message applies to yourself and your girlfriend when it comes to laziness and anger on things you choose to do. Do you get it? You don't need to drive her, she doesn't need to work. you don't need to work, you don't need to do anything. Now obviously there are consequences. But if you want those consequences more, then so what. Take what you want, and pay for it. I have hired a few lazy/angry employees, and a big part of their laziness/anger is them feeling like they need to do this. But they don't need to do anything. Its like they are filling and carrying a bag with bricks. and for what? take off the backpack filled with need and do what you want freely. I was and also hired happy employees(granted happier on payday lol) but work can be fun and challenging but even if it isn't, it is a way to earn money so we can buy things we want or provide for the family, etc This reminds me of the saying and I hope it can be helpful in wrapping this up "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"
  4. All actions aim at the Good?

    Commentary on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground: Notes from the Underground presents a fascinating twist on the classic fate vs. free will argument. Fate in this case has nothing to do with divine will. If man is "fated" in any way, it is only because he is beholden to the laws of nature, like science or mathematics. 2+2=4, and this holds true whether we like it or not. How can there be free will if the world has such laws? The Underground Man argues that the only way to preserve free will is to beat one's head against the stone wall that is mathematical certainty. You may not be able to make 2+2=5, but you have to try if you want to be free. Additionally, he offers a terrifying vision of what might happen if we were to figure out all the laws of nature. If man always acts according to reason and the laws of nature, then we could predict everything man would ever think or do. The Underground Man argues that man will act against reason in order to prove his free will. He is willing to suffer, destroy, and abandon reason all for the sake of his own freedom. https://www.shmoop.com/notes-from-underground/fate-free-will-theme.html
  5. μ-Ziq for U

    272. Mince Pye - Medieval Drum Dance 273. David Carbonara - Song Of India
  6. That is very interesting and I certainly will look into it. Do you have any specific book/author do indicate?
  7. How Pretty Is S/He?

    Hi @S1988 Thanks for expanding on what you'd meant. I realise, you have strong opinions on the topic and that we seem to have quite different viewpoints. Let me share what I have come to understand so far: 1. Judging physical beauty when looking at physical features is coded in our genes, for the most part. Without cultural appropriation, it defaults to the baseline; it connotates with cross-border in-group preference observations. If anyone is to blame, it's mother nature. Wish it wasn't the way it is... or not, I haven't made up my mind on it yet. The example of fattening hutts/rooms in Uganda... After a bit of reading I could figure out/it looks like, it's about status, wealth in a culture lacking a variety of resources. Associated & myriads of health risks, regardless those sane arguments... it's culturally accepted/reinforced there to fatten women, something that has been normalised there. I don't see any reason why poverty isn't the only reason for it, there. I mean, in an environment where food is a scarce resource, it makes sense. Do you have a better argument? 2. What are 'markers' for beauty in men, aren't the same for women and in each sex they're HIGHLY correlated with the health of the individual's gene pool. (exceptions, such as plastic surgery apply here, too) 3. Attractiveness has a HUGE impact on opportunities/social interactions, though far from sufficient (only) for success, happiness, virtue, finding a virtuous partner... etc. Humans generally are highly social creatures. 4. 'pulchritude' = physical beauty, 'ephemeral' = short lived. (As you used them... I prefer/will be using simpler terms.) Evaluating physical attractiveness isn't superficial. It's like saying, evaluating physical health is superficial. It isn't, it's objective. Sure, I understand it's not the one and only thing we should (or sane to) look at but I don't see any problem establishing objective standards such as 'this person is, the other isn't'. (biologically, plenty correlations with gene health, easy to do for humans all over the world/everywhere interestingly) Physical beauty is more important in the earlier stages of women's life than in the men's because of the 'ticking biological clock' property, highest chance for healthy offsprings before it takes a rapid decline... after which, it's gone. Her SMV (Sexual Market Value) decreases faster than the man's increases. Without going into it too much, a man's starts out low and increases over time, lasts much-much longer. Generally speaking that is. SMV calculates-in both, gene health and availability of resources. 5. There are ways in which one can compensate for / diminish physical beauty to a certain degree but that doesn't change the BASE VALUE, genes; the 'starting out' number isn't relative. Loosing weight is one of the 'easiest' way to greatly affect physical attractiveness. Highly recommendable, I think. 6. Parents who let/facilitate their children to become overweight are saboteurs. Guiltily of sabotaging their children's social opportunities, indoctrinating them with toxic ideologies, hiding/withholding/erasing essential life-skills such as the importance of deferral of gratification, healthy self-care, weakening willpower ...tons more but they are definitely not wreckless, they're saboteurs for causing longlasting negative consequences for the child. Did the best they could, didn't know... bla-bla, can't apply since it's been everywhere but they chose to not follow reason & evidence. No exceptions, no excuses here imo. I'm fully empathetic to your struggles while being a child, dependent/under the care of your parents. They were sabotaging you, neglected your needs... it seems to me. It must have been really hard to start recovering and healing. Sounds like she wasn't motivating/supporting you in a healthy way, didn't teach you through good examples... A. Emphasizing? Seems to me, the culture war is partly about trying to erase it. B. it doesn't matter at large how tiny amount of people have accidents compared to the population. 7 billion people. C. Age. Everyone ages, not everyone ages the same 'gracefully' and men ages slower in general, but even then... So, what? We shouldn't go to see a movie because it's going to end eventually?! In order for your argument to have any traction, people should be blind to physical beauty. They're not. I'm sorry, it's how it is, has been, don't know if it will be always as is... but most likely it'll be the same for a few (many) more generations, given other phenomenons such as our tribal nature, irrationality... etc. changed very little, some argues none whatsoever. Oh, yeah. Sure, it's tough. I just think a biologically honed in mechanism should be respected and understood, used as best possible, not despised. It would be like getting upset for evolution trying it's best to do its job. I agree, kids need to do more outdoor, exploring, moving, playing with each other stuff. However, since humans are highly social beings, attractiveness having a huge impact on interactions... I think attractiveness is important, age appropriately for 5yrs old too. As in: clean, tidy, NOT RIDICULOUS or OLD FASHION, normal haircut... etc. Sensible approach, showing the parents DO CARE, show a good example, invested in the development of a healthy & independent individual. Kids can be 'cruel and heartless', especially when picking at someone... having said that, isn't the weak, the loner, the unsupported that gets targeted? Is it true that confident kids aren't seeked out by the 'vultures' and the confident kids have parents helping them, so they know how to deal with such situations?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hey Allan N. Sorry I missed your post before. It was algorithms doing all the damage. I've been put on some crazy leftist blocklist. There are some weird things such as the fact my email was changed when I was trying to log in the first time (when my password stopped working), and why that website is a target for 'hackers'. I don't see that as financially profitable but... not really a big deal in the end although. I do think in the larger sense twitter, facebook, youtube, Q Anon and others hacked etc. it is an interesting point.
  10. One thing I've found to be helpful when dealing with either my own or another person's behavior, is to look at it as a symptom of an underlying issue and part of a larger picture. In this case, it might be helpful to do a search regarding "the psychology of procrastination". From what I've read, there can be various sides to this issue. One has to do with how procrastination affects us personally. The other has to do with how it affects those around us.
  11. And, somewhat yes. There is public transportation, but she would've to walk 1 km to get to it. The whole trajectory is 3km.
  12. I failed to mentioned, but I have expressed how angry or upset I was at certain behaviors and she is improving on some of them. Guys, please, no PUA here. From a rational stand point, please. She's my partner and I intend to live with her until death do us part. I don't believe they're shit test because she do everything that I tell her to, although she usually takes her time. I don't know if it's right to expect other people to do what you tell them when you tell them, maybe they like taking their time. I may be the one doing the driving, but we share our money and everything I have is half her's. Since I work at home, this doesn't affects my routine, this affect hers and her responsibility as a person. The effect on her income is zero, but I'm asking if it's fair to have her do things her own way instead of mine. Specially when it doesn't directly relates to me, but just annoys me for some reason I can't explain rationally.
  13. Is there public transportation where you live? Perhaps, she can utilize that instead of always depending on you. After all, you're her boyfriend, not her parent. And, if she refuses to take the bus (assuming there is one nearby), let her suffer the consequences of her actions. She an adult and should act and be treated like one. Maybe you two can also get couples counseling to try to fix things between you two.
  14. You're facing a series of rather obvious shit tests. Stop being a beta and tell her to get her act together or you're leaving. Don't do her any favors or gift her anything because she owes you a large debt and she's well aware of it and wondering if you're man enough to collect. She'll be far more empathetic and caring once she actually respects you.
  15. The Philosophy of the 10 Commandments Watch the video
  16. I'm a 24 yo man living with my girlfriend. We've been living together for the past 5 years or so and it's been the best time of my life. But I think I'm growing a little used to it, because things that wouldn't bother me some years ago now do. For example: my lady is very, very lazy. Not so lazy that the house is in complete chaos, but lazy to never leave for work on time. But here's the catch: I take her to work. I'm always prepared ahead of time and just waiting for her to say "let's go" and drive her there. For the past year or so she's been consistently late for work, about 95% of time. That in itself wouldn't bother me, but every time she says she's going to be on time, but on the next day she's lazily browsing her phone on the couch and doing things in the last possible moment. This drives me to the fucking wall. I was never a organized person, but now that I pay my own rent and everything in this house we bought together, I like keeping things more tidy than messy. I got a bad temper but great self control. I've never once yelled and we never, never had a shouting match or anything of sorts. We always talks things out, or if I'm too pissed to talk I'll minimize contact for a while (not talking a lot and not giving much attention) until I'm calm. The worst it got was when I got mad for two whole days. The laziness didn't used to bother me that much, but my reaction to it escalated when we were running our little Easter business. I made the chocolate, she would make the filling. I can do the filling, but doing the chocolate is hard enough and I got no touch for making it pretty. She left every single one of our orders to the last possible minute, which overall made their quality worse. I wasn't satisfied with a single one of them compared to the last year (we've been doing this for the past 3 years) and told her so. She apologized and promised to not to this again next year. Which is fair. What else can I do, right? It's not like showing how god damn angry I actually am would make any difference. Which now brings us to her consistently being late to work, despite me, the person who takes her there, being ready on time everyday. I don't understand why does this bothers me so much. It's her work, I got nothing to do with it. The payment still comes in full, because she makes up the hours, so for all intents and purposes it doesn't affect anyone. Her boss doesn't like it, but it's such a small deal that he won't fire her, specially because she's his best employee. Can someone relate to this? Why does this bother me?
  17. "They're on a loop. They go around the block. They come back. They go around again. They just go 'round and 'round! Round and round!” - The Truman Show.
  18. I'm guessing that's not kill people, and instead speculate as to motive and worldview. Though why would karma apply in the later . It's onething trying to find out for yourself it's another "persuading" many others to join you. I mean with the flat Earth debate, why does it matter if the Earth is flat or 911 was staged, pincess Diana assasinated etc? With the Flat Earth you could find out like on "The Truman Show". Maybe it's herd instinct instead of looping. If 90% of people told you the Earth was flat and you had no practical indepth knowledge of physics, like probably most of the population; how would you know?
  19. How Pretty Is S/He?

    I'm referring to beauty in general. I'm not sure why you say beauty isn't subjective. For example, some people think that obesity is unattractive while others, like some cultures in some African countries, actually encourage this with fattening huts. Girls are put in these huts to be fed a lot until they're fat enough for their potential husbands since skinniness is considered unattractive. (There are people who are protesting this practice, though, and with good reason.) It's superficial because one's pulchritude doesn't say how intelligent or how moral someone is. Someone can look like a supermodel and be very evil while another can have spectacles and braces and be one of the sweetest people on earth. I remember during my school days when I would walk down the halls and would just laugh at me and treat me like a circus sideshow just because I didn't meet the shallow standards of beauty, and I still have some insecurities from that today. Even my own mother put me down and mocked me for valuing inner beauty, and focusing on my inner beauty was something I had to learn on my own. Besides, pulchritude is ephemeral. Not only one could lose it with age, one could also lose it through an accident that results in disfigurement, so emphasizing it is rather pointless. It's sad that there isn't enough focus on inner beauty. Even kids as young as five are concerned about their looks. Kids that young shouldn't worry about attractiveness; they should just focus on being kids. It was bad enough when I was concerned about my appearance starting when I was 10/11 because people were picking on me.
  20. I think you're going off on a tangent and not really helping J.LW Yeah well, that's me suggesting RichardY went off on a tangent, when I myself did exactly the same thing! Don't worry mate, karma will get me My simple answer should have been my first, and as I said: someone saw JLW's name on the forum and tried to guess the password associated with the name, so triggering the forum's password tries restriction, but also blocking JLW in the process until the forum's password tries counter reset. The world flat? Maybe such an inane question inspires the word loopy because most people go with the evidence of spheres and moves on. The inclination to loop is something like Communism's attempted reboots because "it hasn't been properly tried," bs. Stefan mentioned in a recent video that maybe the world won't make it, to the effect: too many people, too much entrenched in bs, but would restarting the world actually help, even with the knowledge gained, considering mankind's propensity to loop?
  21. All actions aim at the Good?

    Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and pursuit, is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim. - Nicomachean Ethics. Aristotle. Thoughts?
  22. @J.L.W Well as Stefan says, the parasite is always more focused on the host than the host is on the parasite. Except when the parasite comes bursting out of someone's legs, like a particular African parasite(guinea worm). Jiggers looks pretty nasty as well. I mean there is no doubt semi-secretive organisations do exist. So many Internet Dramatists, maybe they're right who knows, though if you genuinely believed the earth was flat for instance, why not try and findout. Get a boat or a airplane actively gather firsthand information. AND not come up with there's a "hole in my bucket excuse." But how many Internet Philosophers are there outthere? Actual practical ones and not lecturers...or Internet trolls.
  23. r/K selection

    @Will 001 Pft, What argument only mindless assertions. High in group preference is K. WHY? Because it says so.
  24. How Pretty Is S/He?

    Hi @bodhi I'm not going to say anything that'd rock your world by stating Jamie Lee Curtis has aged, after surgery... etc. She's perhaps prettier than many in her age but her SMV (Sexual Market Value) has undoubtedly decreased, considerably. I'd say the person in question could be anywhere from 9.1 - 9.9 Not necessarily. What sample group are you comparing yourself to (where in the world, size of group, only physical attractiveness) ? Are you just a bit or a lot less attractive? Did you know that although beauty isn't subjective (good looking/pretty, features), you can find traits that act as compensatory/diminishing factors? Barnsley
  25. How Pretty Is S/He?

    Hi @S1988 Are you referring to this (op's) question or beauty in general? Don't know if you've heard, the later isn't subjective. Why do you think it's a superficial query?
  26. Foreskin Regeneration

    doing another search on the topic and getting more results than before. Seems there have been more people trying it with results to share on dedicated restoring sites. Restoring gives different results but generally an improvement. Just takes a few years dedication for most and occasionally a year for others. At the time of writing, https://foreskinrestoration.vbulletin.net/ looks like a more established forum for restorers and appears to be fairly active, and—dare I say—a more suitable place for discussion If anyone were curious about restoring, that’s an active community for support with sub forums with the specifics.
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