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  2. This is the 3rd time you're doing it. You keep defining X as a goalstate AND subgoal state. Make up your mind. I never said you have to recreate 4 billion years of evolution though that would be a completely valid method of creating AI (and the storyline behind a great videogame called "The Talos Principle"). Reverse engineering is a completely valid method of creating AI, we having reverse engineered loads of biology already (like flight, medicine, eyeglasses, and so on). BTW, I don't know why you're bringing up DNA. I never said we need DNA to create AI, I'm 100% certain of this. If you thought my bringing up of genetic algorithms had anything to do with DNA then I wasn't clear enough. Genetic algorithms and how the brain works at a very base level are almost identical. I don't have any exact proof of this but these two ideas (of a genetic-algorithm and how the brain works) have been arrived at independently. I don't think that two theories from two different fields having such striking similarities is trivial. YES! That's exactly what I wanted to say. Once you attribute one human-esque characteristic to AI you can attribute with the same certainty ANY other human-esque characteristic to AI. If it thinks like a duck it thinks like a duck AND has other duck-like characteristics.
  3. Excuse my noobiness. This link is set never to expire: Please join us, more and more FDR people are joining us everyday and we're having excellent conversations. I've been getting health/self-esteem tips from fellow members. Someone even gave me a free account to Jordan Peterson's self-authoring suite which I immensely appreciate. So please come by and say hi. Everyone is awesome.
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  5. Not the wrong post. AI in terms of human or super human intelligence is impossible in terms of just coding it out and tada. Not going to happen.
  6. JEALOUSY Watch the video
  7. Again, this means that 20% of women file for divorce multiple times. Most women and most men may never file for divorce at all.
  8. Have you thought about transferring, getting another job, or getting a more active presence online like Stef? If college has become such a massive and obvious indoctrination center, that would mean that the only students who go there are the ones who can't figure out that it's a massive and obvious indoctrination center. Maybe your skills would be better applied elsewhere? (You don't "get" Marx because he's an idiot and there's nothing to get. )
  9. This book didn't motivated me (yet). It has helped me feel less anxious/worried: Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States by Aaron Clarey (Author)
  10. I completely agree the clock is ticking, and I haven't found a a successful strategy yet but I'll dedicate my life to finding one. Debating and arguing like adults doesn't seem to help. My latest theory is, in simplest way of putting it the two mainstream outlooks: Enlightenment outlook: Truth > Morals > Politics Postmodern outlook: Identity > Morals > Truth > Politics So discussing politics with someone with different morals that you is a waste of time, you need to address the different morals first. The post moderns see the world as 'us vs them' and their morals are based on their identity. i.e who they think they are. So to bring someone post-modern across to reality, my theory is that we have to first challenge their 'identity', 'us vs them' outlook. I don't know how. I suspect they have assumed a 'group identity', in place of a weak sense of them self and who they are. So challenging their group identity might involve building up their self esteem first. Good luck with your Son. Let me know how you go.
  11. I highly doubt you would be sent to jail for posting anit-Islam messages on social media. The reason? It's highly ineffective. You don't really sway anybody. Liberals will profess their love to Islam until they are beheaded. Republicans will play the avoidance game, hoping nobody notices them. People posting on SM will simply be ignored, except by people like many on this board, but you're not changing any opinions. Sure, it might help here and there. I think it might work in the real case of someone willing to listen to their conscience, but haven't yet formed an opinion of Islam. This is a rare case, but might be worthwhile, especially if you have like a 1000 pseudo-friends on SM, whom you don't know well, and may be in a discovery process. Effective communicators are often put in jail, but never (in most western countries) directly for their speech. What happens is the powers that be decide they don't like the effective message of somebody, and then they turn their lives upside down to find some violation of some law somewhere. Dinesh D'Souza is an example of this. But I think it was a mistake for them. His imprisonment made him more well known and more powerful I think. I suspect he was very grateful they did that, because they inadvertently did him a big favor. In summary: No worries. Knock yourself out. If you are jailed at some point, it means you're doing great, and it will be a great favor to you.
  12. I'm confused. President Trump fires Bannon then says he will be a better weapon at Breitbart. I've never been fired, but I would imagine there is some resentment there. Any comments?
  13. Thank you for sharing this information and video. It was very enlightening. My son has succumbed to the post modernism philosophy, and as you mentioned is all about emotion. There is no debate. He reacts, then walks off in righteous indignation. No discussion end of conversation. The post modernists are getting violent (AntiFa) and we need a strategy to counter them. I believe the clock is ticking.
  14. I'm currently in a queue to see a therapist. Looking for a little boost to stay inspired and motivated when I feel hopeless. Have always gone for the Nike "Just Do It" aproach, as well as bettering myself for the sake of my future children that I so greatly desire. In addition to these, what are some tools or resources that have worked for you in getting inspired/motivated?
  15. I can tell you from experience that not all violinists are musicians. You don't want to be in the same room when he's practicing either.... I'm in Leftistville myself. Good old SF Bay Area. My philosophy teacher was a woman. She told me I just didn't "get" Marx. Of course, if I "got" Marx, I'd have to love him, right?
  16. Personally, I would never again date somebody I was at odds with politically. Been there, done that.
  17. That's democracy for you.
  18. I'm reading Explaining Post Modernism - Stephen Hicks. He puts forward a strong argument that Post Modernists don't actually believe most of the things they say, rather they see the word as 'us vs them', and they're only interested in winning. Political correctness and deconstruction are just rhetorical tools to win political ends. This supports my argument that their identity underlies all the bullshit, and it's their identity that we need to attack somehow, not their lies.
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  20. I recommend watching this 3 and a 1/2 minute clip: "The High Road" by Mary Reed:
  21. Is Capitalism Is The Real Problem? - REBUTTED! Watch the video
  22. For anyone still interested, i and few others on the FDR discord group have been mulling over starting a campaing with dnd and specifically with pathfinder. Suggestions for settings abound but easiest naturally is 5th edition dnd in the realms/planescape/The Demiplanes of dread ect. Esperimentations with other ventures such as Cyberpunk/Cuthulu would occur most likely on later dates AFTER the initial campaing.
  23. So, yeah, it is a spiritual battle between collectivism and individualism but neither Peterson nor Molyneux really get what that means. I mean, come on, is Peterson really saying that a woman who gets raped, tortured and nearly killed is of Satan if she's angry? That's going to go about as far as the idea that property rights beyond the homestead are natural. Stop being a useful idiot, Molyneux.
  24. I admit the phrasing was sloppy. But if you keep insisting I meant X = X and X = X+1 then you're assuming I'm an idiot beforehand. Just to be clear what I meant was: you could have a goalstate(x) but you could also have a goalstate(y) which has a subgoal(x). Since you generally don't know subgoal(x) it's potentially dangerous. I agree that the brain structure is essentially* encoded in DNA. But if you learn about physics your DNA doesn't change after every bit of knowledge you gain. Your structure has enabled you to learn it. So AI researchers don't have to recreate the process that produced a human structure after 4 billion years, you could just reverse-engineer the governing principles of the current brain structure in order to get a human level AI. * It's mathematically impossible to encode every neuron in dna so it's probably a certain growing pattern which has different outcomes if environmental factors change, most importantly during pregnancy. I didn't say that, to adjust your analogies: "A rock being heavier than a bullet doesn't imply bullet level dangerousness." "A car having more mass that the H-bom doesn't imply it having H-bom level deadliness." The very fact that you had to change the sentence structure completely to disprove an analogy should ring a bell in your head. I'm not sure what your syllogism clarifies as it can be used to argue any property of a human to be the same for an Ai. I assume you don't want to argue that. Humans want to take over the world Humans have legs AI wants to take over the world. Therefore it is implied AI have legs. Human legs are strictly related to human biology. Human biology implies desires among other things. Therefore it is implied that an AI that wants to take over the world has legs. To be specific the condition that the desire to take over the world requires human intelligence isn't believable. You can make it observe a (simulated) situation which resembles a world taken over and turn it into a goal state. And like I said before a world taken over could be a hidden sub-goal of a goal-state which we had programmed in. And no I do not know any action of myself that doesn't have a evolutionary foundation behind it. I'm not sure what an evolutionary biological motive is if it's different from an evolutionary foundation..
  25. I think because have multiple units allows us to conceptualise what is occurring in a manner familiar to out embodied experience of reality. Like, why do me use a measure of a meter instead of cm, or mm, or nano m or pico m etc? What happens if you consider a fall from a height of 6m, does it feel like it would hurt as much as a fall from 20ft? With regards to the rest of your question, check out this video...
  26. This is not directed at FDR, which I consider to be doing a great job (Taylor, Brimelow, etc. al.), but towards Alt-Media in general. How many times does one hear of the requirement for the free exchange of ideas, of the flow of information, so as to stem the drive towards violent conflict? From the Alt-Media, the Rubins, the Sargons, the Rebels, etc, I believe I hear it often (do I need a citation?). Yet, how often do these very same people use their platforms for that which they advocate? I understand there will be negative consequences, and for me to say Alt-Media must pay those consequences would be hypocritical, for the rebuttal would be why have not I created my own platform (which would entail paying in negative consequence as I would have to then not achieve that which I am working to bring about). But then why espouse this as a value? As required action? Who exactly do they think is going to do it? It has become, I think, the equivalent of #PrayForXYZ and when I think about it I experience a similar disgust.
  27. I used your definition of goal state. You said because X can be both a goal set and a sub-goal state then X can be contained within a goal state. This is tautologically wrong because BASIC MATH. X cannot be both X and X-1. Yes it is and yes we do. To even imply human intelligence is not biological and implicitly strongly tied to DNA and evolution is absurd. Name one creature on this planet that has a larger brain and more powerful cognitive capacities that it is ascribed in that species' DNA. Humans are apex predators. Bears compared to humans are innocuous. The very fact that you had to take away the traits that makes a human an apex predator should ring a bell in your head that your analogy doesn't hold water. You basically said "A rock is far more dangerous than a bullet because it's heavier", or "a car is deadlier than an H-bomb because a car has more mass" Yes it does. I'll put it into a syllogism to make it as clear as possible: Humans want to take over the world Humans have human intelligence AI wants to take over the world. Therefore it is implied AI has human intelligence. Human intelligence is strictly related to human biology. Human biology implies desires among other things. Therefore it is implied that an AI that wants to take over the world has human intelligence and desires. Think about this for at least one second: do you know of any desire in yourself or any action you partake in that doesn't have an evolutionary biological motive or foundation behind it?
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