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  2. neeeel

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    You claim a lot of things that arent true in that thread as well
  3. M.2

    First Time At Church (Roman Catholic)

    In some regions of Poland "doesn't even go to church" is the worst thing someone can say about you. Just a fun fact. I have witnessed hundreds if not thousands of people at their first mass, and if it makes you feel better, I haven't seen any of them feeling comfortable. In fact, my favourite comment I heard was "it's a weird religion, according to which we have to look at a dead guy nailed on the wall for an hour every week". There are of course a lot of bizarre things catholics do, and it would take a lot of studying if you wanted to understand them all; most people don't, and that's perfectly fine, because catholicism does not demand you to understand everything. To intellectual types it is a hard thing to accept that Christianity seems so irrational. What you can do in that case is remind yourself that a lot of people a lot smarter than you could accept the religion. This a bit of a tangent, but I have heard so many people rhetorically ask "why don't intelligent people in various religions agree if they are all so intelligent?" The answer is that theology is not principally about facts or reason, but about values, and values are not up for debate. The difference between a Muslim and a Christian is not that one thinks Yahwae is the true god and the other thinks Allah is. The difference is that one values faith, charity and hope, and the other values faith, obedience and struggle. There is no intellectual debate to be had between Islam and Christianity. If you want to intellectually understand what the mass is about, that's great, good luck. Above all however, you must see that the mass is a place for you express faith, act charitably, and fuel hope. If you manage to garner a reputation among the Poles that you don't go to church, it doesn't simply mean that they see you as a lazy bastard, but they view you as someone who doesn't share their morals, doesn't support the weak and the poor, and does not care for the afterlife.
  4. barn

    μ-Ziq for U

    391. Egberto Gismonti - Salvador 392. Dj Shadow. - ... Meets His Maker
  5. barn

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Thanks, no thanks. This is the reason why I prefer not to engage with you :
  6. Ouhh, is it possible that your girlfriend is lonely and finds it hard to find sympathetic people, friends, interesting girlfriends?
  7. barn

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Is it possible that your focus needs adjustment from 'short term relieving anxiety' to - > 'enduring short term anxiety in order for long term and stable benefit' entirely for the child's sake? as in: prevention is always superior to quick fix Isn't independently sleeping an uninterrupted nights dreams a greater benefit? Besides, in which scenario can a parent (btw, the child rests better alone too, get a more consistent rest for the same reason) and therefore have more energy to be a more attentive caretaker during the day : a. sleeping with interruptions due to an additional person being there b. sleeping casually, knowing the child's comfortable in its environment sleeping Principle wise, I'd say that which allows for the most independence age appropriately, self-expression free of any dependence (age appropriately again). I'm not a researcher and will be keeping an eye on the things you find and post in the future. If you do.
  8. oleom

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Tooth ache is a natural event in a human beings development, and we as parents should, during this stressful time, do everything we can to support and help the child go through this development stage, leaving a baby alone to cry for a long time, causing it a lot of stress and anxiety is not necessary a natural part of the development. Furthermore, I really don't see any long term benefit of causing the child unnecessary stress and anxiety at all in the short term. Also, what is really the most beneficial to the child? Is there any known studies showing babies doesn't get hurt in this sleep training (the one based upon crying it out until it sleeps) process? How do we know this process is better than a more peaceful approach where the baby will not cry at all?
  9. Today
  10. neeeel

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    Nice mind reading. I dont see how you can claim they were thinking 100% about that.
  11. @Dr. Dealgood Our relationship was mostly "near-distance", just recently (1.5 months) have we been separated. I suspect the unprotected sex didnt worry me much since I was doing other much more risky things at the time. Where would you suggest I meet girls in the future? There are zero women of any value living where I live. Its a tourist town in Mexico. The Mexican girls where I live have absolutely nothing going for them. They're not beautiful and they're not smart or wise. The only option I have are young tourist girls because the alternative are used, sad, 35+ nasty tourist women that are running from their problems. I cant properly leave as I'm starting a new business just now
  12. barn

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    I highly doubt that. Think of the pain that a tooth-ache represents as a simili, we rather suffer the short term unease for the long term benefits... not to mention, a baby with incomplete self-awareness has little chance (actually none most cases under 14 months old from what I've read) choosing for its own good. That's exactly why parents doing the method Stefan Molyneux has also employed, are thinking 100% about the 'what's the most benefit for the child, regardless my own discomfort' a superior approach.
  13. Will pm. Last time I checked, there were plenty more 'clicks' in that button, if you'd run out I'm sure people can always lend you some more, around here! And no, I wasn't / am not being sarcastic. You gave me no reason & I see no use for it, here. The reason I asked was to find out whether you had a clear idea of either the positive or negative direction & / next 'summit' you wanted to get to. In my strong opinion, nobody can achieve what they haven't been able to imagine in the first place... plus what our minds eye gets to see almost never manifests exactly in the same parameters. I know it's a cliché but thought it was fitting : 'No plan survives first implementation.' Additionally, (not saying healthy genes aren't important) beauty fades, therefore it's beneficial to have those 'virtue things' present more importantly. How often do you think about 'them things' within this topic? It's not possible (I think) to truly love a person who we don't admire. Isn't it logical to choose such a partner for life if we want to have a strong, lasting, deep relationship? Feeling at ease ("where I needed nothing"), perhaps is for recharging, preparing for the next project or wave in life. At least, that's my take on it as I had experienced much higher levels of happiness when I was active doing stuff, engaged in activities suitable for my aspirations... then say, when I was complacent about how things were in general. By the way, I think you're right when saying happiness 'isn't sustainable', but I see it just as keeping fit... don't pay attention to it, it deteriorates (atrophy). Speaking to the last paragraph, I hope you read this bit carefully and used it for your own good: See people for who they are, not how you'd like to see them. That means, allow them to be themselves, same as you don't curb/exaggerate yourself in hope that they'll like you better. (self-improvement is different)
  14. oleom

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    This is what I kind of thought as well. And the reason why he never seemed to have covered it in depth might be, cause he felt he could not justify the sleep training from an ethical and philosophical stand point.
  15. oleom

    Stefan talking about sleep training

    I have heard many people say it is bad to interfere when the baby is crying. But we really don't know what the long term effect is on the child when not listening to it's crying, even though it is for a limited amount of time. Any known studies made on this subject? Can you quickly just tell me how you went about doing the gentle cry out method? I think it might be the way I want to go about doing it with my own baby, at least at first.
  16. barn

    Hello... I'm lost

    Hi @toughfish Welcome to the board... No, it isn't. It's here. (funny how your title mirrors it) Why do you think this particular 'glitch' occurred? E:dit - To voter, yes I see your opinion.
  17. Those are interesting thoughts, ideas. Sorry, you don't always respond to my replies, or takes ages for you (not an argument) but I rather skip you for now. Thanks for the interest, those are really interesting ideas, Barnsley E:dit - Thanks for the honest vote
  18. Jsbrads

    Philosophers as teachers

    Women often are the best teachers for little kids. “Teachers” is too vague a statement to have any meaning. To teach philosophy at the university level? Yes. But engineering?
  19. I’m not sure it can. Fungi operate under a different set of motivations, but look the same due to a fractal convergence. There are common ratios in nature, like the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, silver ratio, etc. People might have chosen to live in certain locations due to the topology, upthrusting ground combined with erosion creating the fractal, not so sort of natural fit.
  20. barn

    Physics is 100% repeatable, by definition.

    Very intriguing thread, indeed. Hemocyanin,.. oh, yes completely. 'The nobility' in the animal kingdom, funny. (though the medieval belief, lack of physical... pale skin-appearance-o2/co2 ratio... stems from another set of observations...unrelated... anyhow)
  21. RichardY

    Hello... I'm lost

    Why not move out of NJ, New Jersey? At least you're not in South Africa or Europe. Got an entire continent to explore, if you're lost.
  22. toughfish

    Hello... I'm lost

    Hi, is this the forum for introductions? I found my way here via youtube, I get worked up when I see what the liberals an SJW are doing to everything from Govt. to Entertainment, but i dont feel like I can do anything about that now. I am severely underemployed, and at this rate 'll be in debt and single and living with my parents in NJ forever.
  23. I don't normally offer an opinion on personal issue threads as my interest is philosophy, politics and current events. I thought I would throw in my Red Pill perspective. In my opinion, the short answer to your question is "yes". Your subconscious (and your conscious) is telling you that you should break up with your GF. Your subconscious is telling you to 'search' and your conscious is resisting. You are 25, have your life put together, a future planned and working. You have a long vision and are thinking about a partner who will help you on that path and raise a family with you. A partner and a friend. Your 19 GF is still a teenager, you met at a hostel while travelling. Likes to party and do ecstasy. She's also attractive and fun to be around. Great! The disconnect is your short term infatutation colliding with your long term vision. She doesn't fit in the picture and you know it. Perhaps you were hoping her being with you would change things and it may have but not at the pace you want. People do a lot of growing between 19 and 25 and she just isn't there yet and you don't want to wait. Now the advice you have undoubtedly heard before... Young attractive girls are like a carousel. First couple of spins around are fun but after that they are boring, one dimensional and repetitive. Oh and she is from another country... been there done that. You feel guilt because she travelled to see you. If that is the case then pay for her plane ticket back home. It's not working out and you know it... I think she knows it too. That's the problem with long distance relationships. It forces people together faster than normal before a lot of stuff has been worked out. You don't get the chance to know each other better before you move in with each other. It didn't work for me and I don't reccomend it. Last thing I thought I'd say that really stood out with what you said in your post. You had unprotected sex with a teenager! Are you out of your mind?? Cmon dude your smarter than that. Seriously fast way to ruining your life.
  24. Mat H Physics

    Physics is 100% repeatable, by definition.

    Why did fire engines/cars, 'catch fire'. Lenze's law, when an EMP is discharged the 'pulse wave' creates magnetic forces in all metals, but Iron (engine blocks) especially. Under the dust cloud, the plasma would be attracted to magnetic forces. Simple physics people, why won't you address the issues? Bonus Iron in the blood carries oxygen due to magnetic forces(Peter Plichta), crustations use copper a reason they tire easy.
  25. We are compatible in the sense that we like going about things in a similar manner (eg. we do things the best we can and look up how to do them beforehand if we don't), she is willing to push the envelope and think about new ideas. We differ a lot in pastime activities, which I believe is a good thing for the most part as we're not doing the exact same things 100% of the time (eg. she likes watching a ton of netflix and I prefer outdoorsy things) I definitely need counseling in general to understand myself better... I'll search for something down here. About the orgasms... Ahhh I've tried everything, trust me. I've read it has taken some couples years to get the girl to be comfortable enough with herself to achieve orgasm. It certainly doesn't help my GF is very anxious. Ideal scenario... Thats a difficult one. I'd say a more mature and motivated version of my girlfriend. More beautiful I guess? It's a bit difficult to say whether the above is true or if I'm lying to myself to be more satisfied with my relationship, because once I met a Dutch girl that was beautiful and wise as well. She was the only girl in my life that has ever given me one of those "holy shit you're right"/mindblow pieces of advice. It seems unrealistic to try to find a girl that will do that to me again, and my current girlfriend at least makes me think and challenges me on occasion. As far as being happy... I don't know what would make me truly happy. I have had 3 instances in my life where I felt completely "at ease" where I needed nothing and was completely satisfied with my life at that moment. Is that happiness? I don't believe such a feeling is sustainable. The most difficult part is I WANT to like her more and be in "love". Provided she's being honest with what she says she believes and does, I admire her thoughts about economics, society, etc. and I fear losing her and having to deal with the sea of delusional women. Sex is fun, but the other 23 hours in the day are equally important. Sure, pm away. I hope you're not being sarcastic hahahaha I feel I used up my "I" quota for a century. Thank you for the perspective, Smarterthanone. You are correct. I need to confront her more on the experience part. I don't like insisting that I'm right and prefer letting people commit mistakes and learn from them... but in this instance I see the value in asserting my knowledge. I tend not to argue with her a lot, mostly I state my opinion on the best course of action on any particular activity and if she disagrees, I point out how my method was better and try to reason with her. In any case, you are correct. Next time I see her, I will discuss all of this and hopefully she understands. Do you have any suggestions for when she gets stubborn on a difficult subject? Lets say we're talking about children and she says "you cant have children and travel" and I say "yes you can, you just need to blab bla bla" and she becomes fed up and tells me "I don't want to talk about this anymore". Normally I just stop talking and go to another room and do something else, as usually she will just lock up and not want to talk anymore. Any recommended course of action?
  26. You need to take charge more with her. Most of the negatives you listed are YOUR failings, not hers. You will never find a fully self aware, on top of their life girl who is 19 years old. Not possible. You need to lead her. It's ok if she isn't perfect but you are in for a world of hurt if you can't get her to accept your leadership. "she often ignores my experience in certain topics, when I clearly have much more than she does (example: travel) and does what she wants, to later find out I did actually know what I was talking about" This is a big problem. You need to fix it asap. It will also resolve the other problems such as her being argumentative and yes even her being a feminist. You need to give incentives. Being the head of a household is no different than being a CEO of a corporation. If your employees disobey and do things wrong, they get disciplined (docked pay, write ups, passed over for promotion, demoted, even fired). If your employees do things well, they get rewards (recognition, promotion, pay raises, profit sharing, stock options). What kind of man are you that you allow your girl to argue with you and do the wrong thing? I promise the longer it goes on she will begin to develop feelings that you are an inadequate man for allowing her to treat you this way. Look at it this way, if you walked down the street every day and you pass this man sitting on a bench every day and you talk to him and you think hes a pleasant man to talk to. Now say you spit in his face every day because maybe its the law and you would get killed idk you have no choice for whatever reason. Psychologically after a year or so of this behavior you won't be able to think of him as anything but a poor victim who is unable to control his circumstances.... because thats what he is. Your girl knows she can disobey you and nothing happens. So imagine 5 years from now she has some urge to cheat or spend all the money in your bank account or something stupid... she will be so used to disobeying you and maybe wants the attention of an argument, so she has no negative to doing this behavior and some incentive to do it. What do you think will happen? You can change things around its not too late, but you do it by changing you. - Do not argue. Girls love to argue. They are inherently attention seeking and will do whatever it takes to get attention. Bad attention is better than no attention. Only give attention for good behavior, period. When she misbehaves you got to ghost her aka walk out for an hour and come back. Or just sit in silence. Or refuse sexual advances.... whatever it takes. Only when she apologizes or does right then you can pay attention to her. - When you say Ive been to country A, you need to do this to be prepared for it. When she says no, you better give her shit. Pretend shes a man "Joe, i just told you you need two forms of ID to enter country A. What are you stupid?" Except change the example from Joe to whatever your girls name is. And instead of saying stupid, call it what it is. Shes doing this because its feminine behavior. So say something like "stupid little girl". I mean don't be mean, but be REAL, and dont cut her slack for being a woman, talk to her like a man. Its not mean to call someone who literally is hitting their head on a brick wall stupid, nor is it mean to do this either. Its real. Your girl with either start to follow your lead or she wont. If she doesn't there are ways to take this further or you can just write her off as too much trouble. I guarantee if a girl doesn't take your lead she will be nothing but headaches at some point, if not today, tomorrow.
  27. smarterthanone


    Morality is simply a concept regarding how we manage interactions with others. I don't see how it applies to determinism or free will... if that is still what we are talking about. Your morality is determined by your moral instincts which come from biology and is a prior cause to your actions and you learn morality from events you are exposed to in your life whichchange your morality to some degree prior to your new behaviors. Nothing in this process seems even close to free will.
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