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  2. Social engineering of men in the western world

    Peace Revolution Podcast did at least one podcast on this subject, which included plans for controlling a population through pharmaceuticals hatched as early as the 40s. I remember specifically a speech by Aldous Huxley in the podcast talking about this. Can't for the life of me remember which podcast it is, though.
  3. Apprenticeships in schooling?

    Lol my husband and I talk about this all the time. However it is my pet dream, and he kinda lets me take the reigns. He will become much more involved once they grow into an age where they can do a lot more. By by the way, what do you think of unschooling? I tend to think that kids will be curious and energetic and learn of their own will, but a part of me is skeptical of relinquishing control so totally.
  4. I definitely have no desire to see men be slaves to constant pursuit of sex - I think men are pretty retarded about sex - but I think that a man who engages in the real world, knows how to behave with women, and is interesting and interested and is worthy of sex is a much better man than one who gives his sex drive away to porn. I’m not a guy. I can literally read a book or bake cookies if I feel sexually frustrated and everything’s fine. I would love to see men be masters of their sexual desires. I guess I just really don’t understand how strong it is for most men. 1) I believe it’s wrong to knowingly exploit a weakness of another. I don’t, however, think that’s a strong enough argument for abstaining from porn. I think it harms the viewer enough that it would be in the veiwer’s best interest to not consume it. 2) I don’t necessarily think porn stars are into drugs, but everything I know about women tells me that she’s probably either very detached from her own feelings or feels some deep contempt for herself to have sex so casually without love or commitment. I’m out saying the whole person is without redemption or lovable qualities, but it’s no secret that it creates a lot of hurt and damage for women to share their bodies with multiple people. And how how does one have a boyfriend while also making porn? Isn’t that like an open relationship? I think pretty much the same about animated porn as I do about “regular” porn. I don’t think the origin of it matters as much as it’s effect if the user. I’m not sure how to relate to an urge that strong - maybe it’s an addiction for you? I hope you get some good food for thought out of this conversation. I’m very interested in ironing out for myself the rightness or wrongness of something I will surely one day face with my sons, so I’m getting a lot out of this conversation, too. This seems like the kindest, most sound advice here. Good luck! I’ve learned a lot from this thread and hope you reach a conclusion you’re satisfied with.
  5. Sounds like an addiction. From a reasonable perspective, you know that not looking at it won't kill you. So then why do you feel like it will? Of course, humans need to reproduce and that's why we have the instinct to enjoy sex. However, porn hijacks the sexual pleasure system and diverts your sexual energy from reproduction towards hedonism. Now, porn is not natural. Porn is also in incredible abundance. There is nothing that has ever existed like the porn we have now. Due to such an abundance of a super-stimulant, people are becoming addicted to the stuff. Like with any addiction, the addicts perception of normality becomes elevated and any time they experience their previous state of normality they become stressed. They begin to lose the capacity to cope with real world situations. Like what @Elizbaeth said earlier 'the men who watch porn seem to be weaker'. Of course, my argument here is not the moral argument for why we shouldn't consume porn, but rather a point to enlighten you on your (possible) addiction. I don't know if it is an addiction, but it does sound like one.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Do you have a statistic for that? Which products are predominantly soy based? I looked up major brands and the main ingredient is processed milk powder. Also, if you think about it for a few seconds, replacing cow milk with soy doesn't make sense. You would have to add lactose that doesn't exist in soy milk. If you have to add lactose you might as well use cow milk.
  8. Trump won Alabama by a wide margin. Moore's antics and his fundamentalist fire and brimstone rhetoric discouraged many white middle class voters.
  9. I wasn't sure in which category to write this in. I'm a biochemist student and I work as a pharmacy technician to pay for my studies. I am seeing a growing and alarming pattern in the health system that I would qualify as social engineering. I will put my idea forward and then explain myself. I believe that health professionals, with the governments and the pharmaceutical companies, have been altering the behavior of the western people for at lease 3 generations. Before you dismiss this, saying I'm a conspiracy nut, let me state 3 arguments: - The baby boomers have been receiving' for most of their lives, constant prescriptions of benzodiazepines. So much so, that the majority of them are hooked on those drugs. Most of the research that has been done on the topic is not openly talked about. There is little funding to show its adverse effects and usually dismissed under the argument that they are old drugs that we try to avoid using these days and that the patients are already hooked on them so we are basically trying to make their lives more comfortable. In the case of self destructive patients and patients with anxiety, we measure the pros and cons. But people who work in pharmacies who see these patients every months, we see the side effects. These patients dont reason very quickly, they also have a weird reasoning. There is a nihilism to them. They dont worry about things that they really should worry about. And I want to make a parallel. These patients are pro big government. They are pro open borders. They are pro socialism. I think it is not too far fetch to think that a drug that is created to deal with anxiety would prevent people from feeling anxiety about the government's decisions. - My generation takes a lot of antidepressant medication. And most of these patients are girls. The boys receive a lot of Ritalin and Vyvanse. All of these drugs play on the mechanisms of dopamine and serotonin receptors. These chemicals regulate your mood, energy, your sex drive, everything. Look at my generation. They play computer all day. They drop out of school. They have no faith in the future. They avoid the opposite sex. They have low energy and are overweight. And they have absolutely no will to defend their way of life. - A growing trend I see is doctor informing the mothers that it is better to use powdered milk instead of breast milk to feed their babies. These formulas are soy base. This produces a large amount of estrogen in the baby's system. It is mostly harmful for boys. These hormones compete with testosterone. Paul Joseph Watson has made a very good video about #soyboy. I think everyone should watch it. I believe that doctors are deliberately trying to remove male dominant behavior, in our society, at a very young age. If you think I'm a conspiratard, that's fine. I am just stating what I have observed. And I believe we should explore this question, because doctors have been doing this shit for about 70 years now. And there is a correlation to be made with the slow downfall of our civilization. Thank you for listening
  10. Hello from Montana

    Jake - I must apologize for not replying to you six months ago. After making my introduction, I thought I had email alerts on for replies (which it wasn't, as I figured out) and never went back to check. If you still check this message board, I would love to talk more! Please email. My email is: jaal@unseen.is Your FDR friend in Philipsburg, Jeremy Aal ^ That goes for anyone else stumbling upon this thread, my email is now public to the greater FDR community! =)
  11. The Democrats played the race card to death. Now that Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have entered retirement, the Dems have a new race hustler - Charles Barkley. He went around Alabama calling Moore supporters "white supremacists/white separatists like Steve Bannon." This really hurts the MAGA agenda.
  12. Why?

    Good to know, Didn't know that he never defined the term. But this assumes that most people are already knowledgeable enough to act with malicious intent. I don't think that the majority of statists are aware of the nature of the state. Are people aware that supporting foreign aid actually hurts the infrastructure and local businesses of said nation or do they genuinely believe that they're doing the right thing? I don't think that they're acting from malice (intending or intended to do harm). Lazy, virtue signalling, ignorant, but certainly not malice. Sounds like an intriguing book. Will check it out.
  13. Willpower comes from...

    Hi, Sure thing. You can choose between the public and private message options. Whichever you prefer. Barnsley
  14. Easy to miss*, you could've too!!!

    What would be immoral about putting what I want on MY website? You could not go on MY website, or you could put what you want on YOUR website. Why is it my problem if you are stupid or have ADD and can't help yourself?
  15. Any Welsh people here?

    I'm sorry, you two don't count. *says dryly* You are positively uncountable. I am not by any means looking for people with Welsh heritage -that is neither here nor there to me - but rather people who I can get together with locally.
  16. Hi thinkers and alike, What are the MORAL pros and cons when it comes to 'clickbait'? If some proportions are to be provably moral, what are good approximations/guidelines that could be put forward? Are there any important long term consequences? (due to the argument of the thread, was the title chosen as such, all for the intended constructive purpose of pure demonstration itself) - - - - I have done a search on the forum but haven't found any thread with this topic. - - - - Here's a Wikipedia definition Here's a(n) Urban dictionary definition Here's what Merriam-Webster 'says' - - - - my stance: I have no problem with it, unless I forgot to put on my 'thinking cap'. Though definitely have been always drawn to content where the claim (even if hyperbolic) have been greatly justified throughout the content and falls after overall consideration into the 'soft-clickbait' category. - - - - other, similar terms: 'link bait' 'sensational titles' 'SEO-d titles' (churnalism?) ... - - - - Have a good one, Barnsley
  17. Hi @smarterthanone While I agree that 'exploitation' or 'capitalising on a business opportunity' isn't necessarily a bad thing. and 'What's one man's meat, is another's poison.' Couldn't be your example be applied to let's say the tobacco industry? (I still smoke, but slowly giving it up. - so I'm a bit hypocrite here, just for full disclosure.) I found what you wrote analogous... I'm saying this because it doesn't take much to realise, engaging in porn or lewdity has the strong tendency to promote objectification, 'shortcuts' to endorphin/adrenaline production (therefore/and lying by omission), what would be otherwise a process of courting is stripped down to a 'standalone' commodity. I'm basing my assumptions furthermore on the high prevalence of tattoos(self inflicted pain, marking, attention seeking... etc) , lack of virtues being involved(generally there's little to none 'hero arc' or 'character development' being rewarded for by a virtuous partner... etc) , illusory nature (reality doesn't match screen character, fluidity between the acting industry...where having honesty/integrity isn't beneficial)... so on. Don't get me wrong, it's not the fault of the porn industry that people consume their products, or the tobacco industry's for that matter. I'm only saying that the 'end doesn't justify the means'. If porn actors : a., start having sex at a younger age b., tried more variety of substances, consume more mind-numbing drugs like weed c., willingly put themselves into the proximity of STDS by the two mentioned above d., capitalise on a human desire that's easier to turn into addiction, given how our brains are wired(especially men's).. Shouldn't we be reeeealy cautious exposing ourselves to whatever they do, given the high probability of missing or diminished 'moral compass'? I hope I could put forward meaningful doubts and arguments. Barnsley
  18. How about getting Ann Barnhardt on?
  19. Socrates Jones: PRO-PHILOSOPHER

    For those looking for philosophical video games (or at least a free visual novel I discovered as a parody of another visual novel game I discovered called "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney") this is the one. It's both educational and amusing because it actually teaches the player how to make and disassemble arguments. I just started watching someone play it (can't be bothered to trouble myself with downloading it since others' have played it) and I have to say it's ironically educational because it three very basic tools to debate with: asking for clarification (about a given claim), asking for proof/evidence, and asking whether it's even relevant (as well as an option to use sophistry that never works). I doubt it'll (or has) sparked critical thinking among the general populace but it sure is a kindergartener's introduction to philosophy that's a bit more of a "demonstration" that shows how it actually works when applied similar to Stefpai's introductory videos on philosophy that ended with why the State's an immoral institution based on the creation of an artificial structure that demands obedience because sophistry.
  20. @Elizbaeth What is your opinion on animated pornography? What about porn drawn by artists that takes advantage of no actors? Would I then be taking advantage of the artist's proclivity to draw this stuff? I'm on my third week of having not looked up any kind of porn and it's totally unbearable. There's this erotic comic that I followed before I heard this argument and I feel this deep life-threatening urge to look at its progress again. This probably sounds all hella weird to you but I appreciate the thought you're putting into this. In a way I want one of you to give me an argument that invalidates mine more than anything else right now so I can go back to what I've known for so long, but if not then I won't touch the stuff again because of what it would do to my conscience. Even if I would go back, I'd regulate it and keep it under control like I used to, but until then I'm gonna suffer through. @Tyler H, @smarterthanone, @Jot, any input?
  21. Doug Jones Beats Roy Moore In Alabama Senate Election | True News Watch the video
  22. Moral Argument Against Consuming Pornography

    From a man's perspective: we're either screwing or masturbating. Good women don't put out before marriage. Therefore man must masturbate until he is married. Otherwise you are begging for him to cheat on you because men cannot control their sexual arousal and are very dumb and malleable when horny. To control that, he masturbates. if he doesn't it's kind of like having a cocaine addict surrounded by cocaine and expecting him to not snort it. At least virtual cocaine doesn't lead to STDs, divorces, and alimony. I (as someone without experience) don't recommend it post-marriage but pre-marriage it is necessary otherwise you are asking men to live dumb and full of cum (or more precisely without the pun: asking a man to live with only his baser instincts in control. Do you think he'll make sound decisions without the ability to judge women by more than their bodies? I hate to accuse you of bad intentions, but I think you should ask who benefits the most when men aren't controlling their sexual urges and instead living in constant pursuit of sex...)
  23. Why?

    Has it ever occurred to you that it's not that people can't critically think, it's that they don't care to? What changes have occurred that will actually affect the average person's life in the past few years, maybe even since 9/11. None in mine, except for summer water bills in Texas, which can kiss my ass. Harvey will help though. That's why people don't care. This whole forum seems to not understand that the average american (along with every single person on this forum) could go for decades not reading or hearing about the news and every single day would not be affected. Besides maybe a lack of topics when conversing, they would be just as happy going to work and going back home to their family. It's not that people can't critically think, it's that you have 40 year olds, 30 y/os, even 20 y/os like myself who have lived life long enough (I haven't lived long enough, but seeing my mom's life, and seeing my dad's life, I know this to be true) to know that everything works itself out in the end, and you just have to keep walking through it and do what you think is right. That's all there is to it. I don't believe hellfire is coming, if anything it's already here in certain parts of the world, even here with everything going on in the US over the past couple years. And if it does come, so be it, that will be another step where I do what I think is right. I'm sorry you have such a morbid view on people, but what it ultimately boils down to is that you look like the guy you see in the movies when you say hellfire is coming, the one who stands on the street corner with a sign saying "Death is coming" or something ominous like that. There's a reason they're mocked. You may have reasoning but to everyone else, who's critical thinking skills may be just as sharp, but coming from a different slice of life, it's complete nonsense that's trying to connect too much. There's also the fact that there's always that person. There is always a group of people pointing to some hellfire in the distance that nobody else can see. And then you have everyone else, who passes by each and every day and watches the group say the same thing, from the time they're a child, till they die. You become at odds with society when you start talking political views and about hellfire, yes, partially because they don't care and don't believe you, but mainly because you have set your personality far apart from the rest. See what I'm saying? People will always be put off when you talk about impending doom, but if you get in the right situation, and start talking to people about their views, nobody is going to try and shut you up. They might not debate you, they might feel unprepared for such a talk, but they won't act as stupid as you seem to think they are Note: I made a paragraph, deleted it on accident, rewrote another, then realized i had the old one copied, so i merged them. If something doesn't make sense in here grammar/syntax-wise I'm sorry
  24. Willpower comes from...

    Barnsley can I ask you a personal question?
  25. Moral Argument Against Consuming Pornography

    1. What is wrong with exploitation? People are taking advantage of a value they have to satisfy a demand of the free market for often substantially larger gains than they could realize in other businesses. This is the same kind of Marxist terminology about exploiting the workers. So what? Shouldn't someones full and best value be realized if they choose to offer it to the marketplace and people choose to buy it? 2. You say due to deep issues. I know plenty of porn actresses and other people who work in the industry. Some have issues, some do not. Some seemingly normal people have more issues than some porn stars. There is no evidence that "deep issues" have any relation to people being part of the porn industry. I've never met one porn start who was into hard drugs, if they ever did get into hard drugs, they would not be able to work any longer because nobody is going to have unprotected sex with a junkie. I've met some from nice families and some from broken families. Some that were raped and slept with everyone and some that only had one boyfriend for 5 years. You are just making a random generalization that isn't backed up by any facts at all.
  26. Marriage or MGTOW?

    Nope, just quit my part-time job to become a fitness contractor. Hopefully I can turn that into a business. Also, I would consider a high standard women as one who would want a man with skills and principles which are beneficial for fathers to have rather than a woman who thinks about the money and resources. I argue that because skills and principles will help to gain resources and money in the long-term, where as already having those things (money and resources) is something which one could gain a short-term benefit from. I'm not sure if that line of reasoning is accurate or not, but if it is then I should look for a woman who is skill and principles oriented too. Also, thanks for all the advice so far, very much appreciated
  27. I think that where the level of porn consumption is in our society, whether you click on something or not is going to have zero impact on the reach these sites have. That being said, it’s probably healthier in general that you don’t watch it, but it seems like you have the urge to, or this wouldn’t be an issue. Like if you didn’t care then it’d be no problem to not watch it. If there was any question about a negative impact and you don’t have any desire to watch it, then there’s no problem right? But if you do have a desire to watch porn, and surrender to that desire, and you feel the urge to self attack for it, then you have an opportunity for self knowledge. Explore the feelings that arise. Talk back to the part of you that wants to attack you for watching porn and have a discussion with yourself about it.
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