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  2. Sam Harris Compromised

    I sometimes listen to Sam Harris' podcasts. I am extremely disappointed in an obviously intelligent person's complete lack of self-awareness, which is present in so many of his discussions. It is hilarious to listen to his discussions where he and the other guest (and audience, if present), speak of Trump like he is Hitler or Stalin and that the evidence of his evil is so self-evident that it need not even be mentioned. At the same time, he'll talk about self-segregated bubbles. As luciusjuniusbrutus notes, there is no doubt that Harris is aware of race and IQ differences, and he routinely pats himself on the back for daring to discuss controversial topics, yet he steadfastly tippytoes around this issue. Even worse, he slams those who do have the fortitude to engage in that discussion, like his attack of Stefan. Sam is a bright guy for sure, but he is an intellectual coward.
  3. The immediate effect of granting amnesty to the illegal DACA group is to incentivize much more illegal immigration because prospective illegal immigrants will assume that there will be another amnesty in the future (which of course a DACA amnesty will help make more likely). One thing I wish Trump would address is birthright citizenship, which is a huge draw for illegal immigration. Even with a wall, that birthright citizenship magnet will continue to attract illegal immigration. End it, and you dramatically change the incentive structure for prospective illegal aliens.
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  5. μ-Ziq for U

    142. Zero 7 - Futures 143. Butti 49 - Spiritual Rotations
  6. Sam Harris Compromised

    Thank you Lorry I sincerely did not recognize where Fashus was going with that list. I don’t know all those people’s genetic heritage. Yes, Sam is a Jew, but I never heard anything by him that indicates that he has an in group preference for other Jews. I would say the same for Ben Shapiro even tho Ben is very religious, while Sam isn’t. lucius the only thing I can say is, the brain’s ability to backup to foolish accepted premises is incredibly redundant. Wanna see Harris/Murray soon I have a friend who is aware of the problems of Welfare, recognizes the negative motivations, but can’t seem to wrap his mind around a world without Welfare. Dave Rubin seems stuck on the same point despite the obvious awareness, visible recognition of how deterimental it is.
  7. How to prove God does not exist.

    God doesn’t substitute free will. And I guess the pagan pantheisms didn’t substitute determinism.
  8. The Universe is the creator

    Isn’t the universe inanimate? Wasn’t the universe created? Isn’t the creator of the universe, the creator of everything inside? Isnt our Solar system created from the rubble of a star, UberSun, that died and exploded billions of years ago? Didn’t that star create everything we need for life, the Sun, the Earth, the moon... our uranium fused in that final explosion, our planet’s iron core... Our carbon and oxygen It’s earlier exhalations. The universe is too big to care for us. It doesn’t even know we exist.
  9. Is God competent or incompetent?

    Alrightt I think you were speaking to me in your first post. The Garden story seems to indicate a “chose your own story” option. God knew both story branches that he presented to man and he knew which branch man would choose due to God’s insulation from the limits of time, but God didn’t make that choice for man. It would be hard to know or describe what the world would be like had we not violated the command, but even a naturalist view combined with a true psychological insight into man’s nature might be able to explain how if man were more accepting of limitations, the same environment in which man must toil to work the soil to get food and in which thisels and thorns grow, would not be a curse, but accepted as normal by a man with a more accepting nature. Would this more accepting man innovate? Seek to change his environment to better suit people? Was the Fall a better option for man? Does God prefer Fallen men who seek him out to unFallen men who know him? I don’t know.
  10. Dating today

    esch About my feelings of loneliness. I don’t see loneliness as a problem, but more as a symptom of a different problem. I value a relationship with a good woman. I want to give to others and I have concluded long ago, a family/children is the best environment for that desire to give. I have volunteered my time in the past and continue to volunteer when I can. Sometimes my time and effort is appreciated, sometimes not. Sometimes I am told I am not needed, sometimes it is implied. I enjoy working hard, and have had jobs where certain work needed to get done and I stayed late and worked really hard to complete the work and felt indispensable even tho my bosses didn’t always feel that way or express the same, it still created happiness and purpose for me. I would love to be able to independently generate that feeling of completion and perhaps sometimes I do here, reading economics, philosophy, etc. I think now I have read every word above, and I appreciate everybody’s contributions.
  11. Dating today

    Barn Lots to chew on. If you recall, you have commented on my post Finding a Job in Misc section. It may make sense to segregate these two subjects despite a certain amount of crossover and intermingleness. Passivity sounds like something I need to work on. I am capable of explaining myself successfully without questions and clarification, but it seems that many of my attempts at communication revert more to the reverse. I know my ability to handle complex 3D interacting parts, even in comparison to other engineers, but I find words and sentences daunting and sometimes what I try to communicate isn’t always clear to others (ambiguity on my part, etc.) thanks, didn’t know about the follow option. I have been following manually.
  12. Hello! ☺

    Welcome Mr. M.O.M.
  13. Is God competent or incompetent?

    Could you define justice and holiness for me please?
  14. Oh, sure. I'm among the first who enjoys a good DM twisting the plot, really allowing for the players to put to the ultimate test their grasp on what their character stands for in the given world, aiming to overgo the perceived boundaries for the unknown, in many cases directly inviting the risky and memorable... de-fi-ni-te-lly. I genuinely like the idea of a philosophical contemplation incorporated into risk-reward systems (if I'm properly grasping your proposed route), allowing for a deeper understanding of the lore, encouraging for a greater responsibility taking, more pronounced consequences (... I guess, that's where it'll lead to, ultimately. UPB in my perception tends to bring about something similar to the effects of Karma), less rinse-repeat, more 'what that'd mean, perhaps...' elements. Fantastic. I haven't said, should've... I like what you are (again, if I'm properly grasping it) setting out to work towards, here, in this thread specifically. (which is just my opinion, not an argument... hahaha) I guess, where I was coming from, was: a. inertia is of an essence in action (in-game), really important to facilitate immersion with a good flow (doesn't mean action heavy per se, instead a balanced story telling, players doing their thing 'enough' with sufficient 'time' for both. ) Therefore, a non-strangling adaptation of morals, somewhat streamlined assessment approach is more preferable to avoid getting bogged down in the menial. General rule of thumb, as I'm sure you'd agree, you'll always have people impatiently/in excitement waiting for 'their say'. So what, 'part-and-parcel', that's on the wayside. It's the long term where the system has to blend in, not adding +hrs into an already long game (some stories can last for months... and I'm being conservative ) b. You'll absolutely and for certain will need players who are more open minded to better able to implement morals, in general. It's possible to have players who don't give a dam about things like... um... what's right?... consequences?... (a certain Barbarian cast floats to mind...) what about those people? How will they be able to blend in with the more philosophical minded? Will they have to be sheperd, are they going to be a risk factor such as a posessed priest enacting its heiress's will? How's extra experience going to present a greater incentive than let's say a liquid magical armor for a thief, or following the path the guild expects the character to thread, if not risking exile? Xp isn't enough of an incentive imho. c. Isn't UPB already present in RPG, just as unexpected alternatives characters decide to contemplate as they get to know their limitations? Also, being in a party requires you to be considerate of the others, unless you have a death wish or don't mind your companions forgetting about your unique vulnerability before allocating their mps deploying defense barriers (ops, you just got revealed as the cloaking field isn't strong enough, extending out far enough and your companions chose to run, rather than take up the fight with the horde... I guess, karma's a b&tch for you today... would that be an appropriate way to pay-off absent mindedness in regards to UPB? I think so, but perhaps I'm too harsh... dunno)
  15. Wait...isn't getting pregnant in your teens correlated to low IQ?
  16. Dating today

    Julia Most gals don’t get to know me. I have friends who know how hard working I am. My past performance, or my current status is often all they feel they need to project my future earnings. I don’t fault them for it, seems logical to me. Smart In today’s world which gal isn’t career oriented? I know a kindergarten teacher who is fairly picky. Rich LoL, categorizing men is hard, but I definitely think PJ Watson is higher, and Milo lower. Much higher than Alex Jones :’D Hard to be objective but I think I’m higher than Mike Cernovich. I’m 6 foot, broad shoulders, muscular but not bulky, I’m definitely the type for some gals. A few times I’ve noticed gals noticing me, but I know I can be oblivious often too. One gal in college was crushing on me hard, really pretty too, but I never noticed, a friend mentioned it to me once after college and we had a laugh when I said I didn’t notice. I go to social gatherings as often as possible. Some have hefty door charges and serve free drinks, but I don’t drink and have little disposable income. At one free event, I just walked up to a gal and had a great conversation, she was very into me at the time, now she doesn’t want to date. I don’t know what the reason is with this gal. It may be financial, but I can’t confirm, “not her type” is all I got. Match makers it’s all about the dollar bills y’all. The gals are free to ask her what my financials are like and they share that freely and turned around and told me the gals don’t want to marry someone poor. Often friends who want to set me up, say they know a nice gal but she is picky about money. A friend is now trying to set me up with a gal, he promises she doesn’t care about money. We will see.
  17. The Universe is the creator

  18. Is God competent or incompetent?

    However, as much as what you say makes sense, you must agree that if God's mercy outweighed his justice he would simply destroy the world rather than leave it to suffer, much less throwing people into Hell.
  19. Is God competent or incompetent?

    Yes, justice and holiness is displayed through the consequences of rebelling against God. If you find this display distasteful or sadistic, that just further supports the Christian perspective that humanity is indeed fallen and in rebellion against God. You have something at stake here if humanity really is guilty, so you fight it. If we were discussing the throwing of the fallen angels into the lake of fire I don't think you'd bring up sadism. If that's the case, it would be helpful to think about that inconsistency in your stance.
  20. race mixing is actually making us smarter

    It’s not only those of low IQ who are breeding with blacks. Much white/ black miscegenation occurs with teen mothers who made the “decision” to get pregnant at age 14-18, when naturally intelligent people make poor decisions. Also, it is usually a result, not so much of bad decision making but simply wilting before aggressive pressure from not only the male, but a lifetime of Disney/Nickelodeon/ school indoctrination that teaches young girls that it’s not OK to reject blacks for any reason
  21. Universally Preferable Behavior in a Role Playing Game

    Personally, as a player, I have always preferred gold rewards over experience. Better to be a decked-out low-level than a broke superhero. But, I've played 3.5 where that really, really matters. So, the non-aggression principle is about using proportionate force. In general, it would be that you use enough force to get the orcs to stop. It definitely would not suit to pay the orc village in kind, because rape is not something that could really ever be justified as proportionate force, I think. Additionally, while you retaliate, some peaceful orcs might defend their village, and so some individuals who could have been peaceful might get killed because they view the party as the aggressors. THat is what you have pointed out, use enough force to stop it. That might involve killing some orcs. I think that you could use elements of UPB and the NAP to form a common law justice system. I think that just about every legal system has prohibitions on rape, murder, theft, and assault, it is just that there are inappropriate prohibitions or exceptions. Like, it's not theft if it is a tax collector. It is not murder if it's an elf. My experience with individualists is that it is like herding cats. Someone who is an individualist might be less inclined to join a group or collective. So, something organized with a lot of power and influence does not really seem like a fitting option. I think the way to go is to give the party options to engage in more preferable behavior. Always try to figure out a few ways that a problem can be solved, and be open to the party coming up with their own. It might be, for example, that to solve it perfectly-wrapped-up-neat-in-a-bow that the option is no longer on the table because of the party's prior actions/inactions, but it would be nice if it was there. I know that also a player, the quest for gold has always been a prime factor in killing everything in sight. A kobold has a magical banner? Well, if we don't kill them, then we're losing out on wealth. Much needed wealth.
  22. Last week
  23. Universally Preferable Behavior in a Role Playing Game

    That's a good question, which I've addressed for quite some time: I try to design some encounters where it is possible to resolve it without attacking. If the party can pull that off, the XP awarded is doubled. I call it the Non-Violent Resolution, an in-game implementation of the Non-Aggression Principle. However, as we all can agree on, we can't do that for every encounter. in some cases, attacking is UPB. Such as when you're in a village about to be accosted by a bunch of Orcs about to rape, pillage, and burn everything that isn't nailed down. What's the Preferrable Behavior is in that scenario? You can't go completely pacificist here, of course. But then again, it wouldn't be Preferable to repay the Orc Village they come from in kind. Wouldn't it be UPB to only be violent enough to stop the attackers and ensure that they do not repeat the action, and then stop? (Or at the very least, get the Orcs to pick on some other village?) Would the "Peace through Strength" approach be UPB in this area? Also to be mentioned is the possible Game of Thrones-style politics that an RPG sometimes go into. Where a party stumbles into some scheme from one monarch to get over on another monarch. (Like a peace treaty meeting where someone's plans to massacre everyone involved or a Wedding with someone with an ulterior motive. Or even someone going, I'll drop all charges on your party from that bar fight if you do such and such.) There's plenty of scenes where things aren't as they seen and what's good or bad is a bit fuzzy. If the players don't know what is the right thing to do in a position, would they instead go for what they think is the most Preferable? This is something like what Drew Davis talked about. The party would be expecting one thing when they're going into something like Goblins raiding a village, only to find out that it is the villagers that are in the wrong. Or a scenario I thought up earlier, where a Dragon kidnaps a princess who is actually protecting her from a nefarious group of suitors who only wishes to take over the kingdom. The right thing to do would start off one time and end up changing in mid-adventure. Another point of interest: I wanted to start off with UPB as a way to have a general consensus among the civilized groups, villages, cultures, and peoples on what is moral and proper if there is no written law governing the whole region; a form of common law-style social contract that is a bulwark keeping a tenuous civilization from breaking apart.
  24. μ-Ziq for U

    140. Adam Hurst - Remaining 141. Tom Middleton - Return to Atlantis <bonus*, light stuff> Reggie Watts - Fuck Shit Stack Reggie Watts - Radiohead parody +do watch his poptech performance (naturally)
  25. Double sorry for bringing this up, it's a question I have... Wouldn't the more UPB being implemented in D&D, the more 'Mickey' s being taken out'? i.e. Doom (vid. game) with peaceful conflict resolution, full UPB mode (?) : not one bullet fired, not once the knife being drawn, no 'stampy-stamp' on heads...
  26. Universally Preferable Behavior in a Role Playing Game

    As a player who has tried to follow the NAP in game at times, it is really, really difficult. So, the non-aggression principle and rights would not just apply to human beings, but it all races, species, etc that would qualify. So, going into the cave where the minotaur is "homesteading" would be trespassing and potentially followed by murder. The conflict between the goblins and the villagers? Who started it? Is it that the humans are trying to seize goblin lands and resources, or is it that the goblins started it?
  27. Hello! ☺

    Hey pals I'm glad to be among yah! My name is Mom, but I'm not a mother - nor a female. M.o.m. is my initials lol Im admittedly not a libertarian per se as much as Im not a democratic socialist per se. Infact idk what the hell I am and am tryna figure it. Which is why Ive recently signed with libertarian and democratic socialist forums so I can learn more about em. Though one of my best friends, among many with varying positions on the spectrum, is a long time libertarian and member of this forum and fan/follower of Stefan Molyneux's work - who by the way possess's a fortitude of intelligence that reminds me of Jordan Peterson if you've ever heard of him - a beast mode aficionado if you will. But rlly I first came across S.M. maybe around 2009 from a guy on the web called Adam Kokesh. In all honesty I don't reeally know much about this guy other then he's a libertarian and I think he might be against the War on Terror. What I do know is that some of his stuff like Molyneux's introduced me to libertarian concepts like how its seriously non-aggressive etc. but I actually don't rlly follow him like that. Long story short I'm hear to learn, thx for reading! (i edited this btw and entered my reason "as an 8th grade drop-out i've got some grammer issues and i may have just deleted a sentence i forget cos im tryna jog real quick before work" and it kept saying it couldn't accept cos I was using profanity)
  28. Mortgages are bullshit!

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!! You need to refinance and work 8 jobs to pay for it!!!
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