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Your Friendly Hacker neighbor

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Érico is just this guy, you know?

A technology developer and volunteer over The Venus Project. Have done many websites people can access and acquire knowledge for free. Book worm that can read as many as 60 books in a year, seriously addicted to work and in learning new things. Always broke and living a very simple life style, because money is stupid.

Have no college degree/higher education, except for my PHD over Google Search Institute of technology.
Understands many languages, knows none.
I try to be funny and write funny things, but mostly miserably fail.

Been following the show for many years, read most of the books. Been donating for quite some time, except when I'm very low on money (happens often).
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Reading and living a book are two different scenarios.  Either way its a good start.  Cool to see another nerd on board.  I only donate when I'm broke, i'd end up spending it on fancy cheese and booze anyways

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"Reading and living a book are two different scenarios."


Don't understand what you mean.

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